Questions to ask child welfare officer and coaches

Choosing the right club for your child is a difficult decision. As well as the general sport-related concerns you may have, there are the issues of your child’s welfare and safety.

Some questions you may wish to ask the Club Welfare Officer are:

  1. How do I contact you should I need to?
  2. Is the club Swim 21 accredited?
  3. Ask to see the club copy of Wavepower and specifically section six which is written for parents.
  4. Are there any procedures in place for dealing with concerns, complaints and disciplinary issues and do I need to approach to raise such issues?
  5. Are all coaches and teachers suitably qualified and experienced?
  6. Does the club follow the ASA guidance in Wavepower on away events?
  7. Does the club follow the ASA Anti-Bullying Policy?
  8. Does the club arrange for all appropriate coaches, teachers and volunteers involved with the supervision of children at the club to attend approved child safeguarding training.
  9. Are parents encouraged to watch or become involved in the club and their child’s training in an appropriate manner?

Some questions you may wish to ask the Coach or Teacher:

  1. What time is my child expected to train and who is their coach or teacher?
  2. What are the opportunities for them competing for the club and how are teams selected?
  3. Will I have the opportunity to discuss my child’s progress with you on a regular basis?
  4. What is the opportunity for my child to move up lanes as they develop their swimming skills and how are these decisions made?
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