ASA Membership and Masters Swimming

ASA Duck - Join the ASA today and compete at your first Master competition.

In order to get the most benefit from your swimming and to be able to compete it is advisable to become a member of the ASA.

You can get ASA membership by approaching your local Swimming Club. These can be found on our PoolFinder here. Simply enter your postcode to find the nearest pool and club.

This does not have to be a Masters Specific Club as all swimming clubs ask their members to join the ASA.

Categories of membership

You can become a Category 1 member which gives you very basic benefits and ONLY allows you to compete in low level competitions.

Or you can become a Category 2 member which gives you everything you need to compete and train up to an international standard.

  • To learn more about Categories of Membership have a look here.

If you live in Scotland and wish to join the ASA please see their website:

If you live in Wales and wish to join the ASA please see their website:


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