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Masters Cherriman Award

Do you know a volunteer who has made a real difference to Masters swimming in the last year?

If you know of an exceptional individual who inspires others or works tirelessly behind the scenes to help the Masters community, then please nominate them for the Cherriman Award so that we can recognise their good work.

The Vivienne and Leonard Cherriman Award is an annual award, presented by the Home countries Masters Swimming Management Group to ‘the person or organisation who or which has done the most to promote and foster the cause of Masters swimming in Great Britain.’

Nominations run each year and are welcomed from England, Scotland and Wales.

Who would make an ideal candidate for the Cherriman Award? Here are some suggestions:

  • Someone who has promoted Masters at a local level, perhaps putting on a new Masters gala. They may have done this for many years without recognition.
  • Someone who makes sure that Masters records are up to date in your region/county, never missing a meet or a person’s record.
  • A coach who has built a Masters squad over many years or has encouraged Masters swimmers to progress to high standards despite the odds.
  • Someone who acts as your Masters team manager, who tirelessly ensures you are all in the right place and the right time. Perhaps making sure you claim records and don’t get disqualified.
  • A swimmer who is a role model for other Masters swimmers. Someone who always turns up for training, encourages everyone else, competes even though they may never get a medal, and may have had to overcome personal challenges to stay swimming.

How to complete the Cherriman Award nomination form

If you know someone who fits the bill, then just complete the simple online nomination form, explaining to the British Masters Committee why your nominated candidate should receive this award.  Simple, clear and concise details are very welcome.


  • What has this person done?  E.g. single handedly grown the number of Masters swimmers at a club, was the master- mind behind successful galas or is the inspiration behind a key Master group.
  • How has this person promoted Masters swimming? This may have been through coaching, volunteering, providing a service to Masters or any activity that has made a difference to Masters swimming.
  • How has this person fostered the cause of Masters? This could include anything the person has done which has improved the image of Masters, helped people understand what Masters is about or made the Masters community more enjoyable.
  • Give some specific details if possible. For example, where has this activity taken place, how many people have benefited, or how has it altered individuals’ lives? Why should this person receive the award over others? How long have they been doing this? How much time does it take?

Nominate someone for the Cherriman Award

Past winners of the Cherriman Award

  • 2022 – Catherine Ralph
  • 2021 – Not Awarded
  • 2020 – Bob Bolton
  • 2019 – Bernie Buck
  • 2018 – Graham Pearson
  • 2017 – Jim Peto & Clive Smith
  • 2016 – Sue Arrowsmith
  • 2015 – Mark Patterson
  • 2014 – Alan Canham
  • 2013 – The Whittle Family
  • 2012 – Alan Rowson
  • 2011 – Tony and Helen Ward
  • 2010 – John Eyre
  • 2009 – Terry John
  • 2008 – Jenny Ball
  • 2007 – Sheilah Roberts
  • 2006 – Roy MacAlister
  • 2005 – Andy Wilson
  • 2004 – David Chaney
  • 2003 – Donald Muirhead
  • 2002 – Ian Woollard
  • 2001 – Verity Dobbie
  • 2000 – John Jeffery
  • 1999 – Margaret Evans
  • 1998 – Tony Holmyard
  • 1997 – Geoff Stokes
  • 1996 – Dougie Scales
  • 1995 – Jane Asher
  • 1994 – Tony Warn
  • 1993 – Otter Swimming Club