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British Swimming Masters Decathlon

The British Swimming Masters Decathlon is a true test of versatility over the course of the season.

Swimmers’ performances from Masters competitions throughout the year are assigned points. Each English, Scottish and Welsh swimmer is then awarded an overall tally based on their top points scores from 10 of the 18 individual events.

No entry fee or registration is required. All swims from Masters competitions in the British Swimming Masters Rankings database are automatically entered into the competition.

There is no age group split in the Masters Decathlon. Instead, points are adjusted depending on age to ensure a fair comparison.

Prizes are on offer for the top individual swimmers as well as the top club. Find out more about the competition in our FAQs below.

Please email [email protected] with any questions about the Decathlon.

Masters Decathlon FAQs

Click or tap the questions below to read our FAQs about the Masters Decathlon.

How do I enter my swim?
You don’t have to! Swims recorded in the Masters Rankings are automatically entered into the competition so there are no entry forms to complete or entry fees to pay.
Do I have to swim every stroke?
To be competitive, you should compete in all the different stroke events, as well and the distance freestyle and individual medley events.Your points tally is calculated from the top score in each of the six stroke ‘groups’ – Freestyle, Distance Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Individual Medley – and your second highest score from four of them.
Do I have to compete in 10 different events?
For a full ranking based on 10 events, then yes, these must be 10 different events. You can only use your highest points score from each event.
How are the scores calculated?
Points are awarded for each swim as per the FINA points scoring tables while the time is age adjusted using the Rowson Formulae.Both Long Course and Short Course swims are included with swims in each course scored using the relevant table.
When does the competition run?
From 1 January until 31 December inclusive.
Why hasn’t my time appeared?
You must be correctly registered as a competitive swimmer with either Swim England, Scottish Swimming or Swim Wales to be entered. Please contact your registrations department to confirm your membership.Also, only results from Masters competitions are eligible for the Decathlon Competition.