Endurance Swimming Workout

This endurance swimming workout should give you a general fitness base.

It can be adapted for any stroke and any ability. It’s small chunks that are easily achievable.

Warm Up

  • 400m Front Crawl
  • 400m Individual Medley so 100m for each stroke. Break these down so you swim 50m just kicking then 50m of a technique drill for each stroke. Take a 20 second break after each 100m so between each change of stroke.
  • 4x50m choosing your own stroke but hold the stroke count on each length

Main Set

  • 20x50m with a 15 second rest after each 50m. Choose your own stroke for these, working about 75% effort and aim to go under your 100m PB time for each 50m.

Swim Down

  • 10x25m on 1 minute – wait until the minute is up before starting each 25m. You should easily manage this time wise so concentrate on keeping a low stroke count on each swim.