About the Masters Committee

British Masters Swimming Championships 2014

The Masters Technical Committee oversees the running of the sport. Find out more about them below.

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Verity Dobbie, Masters Technical Committee ChairVerity Dobbie

In real life, Verity is the managing partner of a small law practice in North West Durham where she specialises in family law. Married with a teenage daughter she has swum competitively since she was 9, and despite Orwell's dire predictions she couldn't wait for 1984 to turn 25 and start in Masters.

Her adventures as "the Binge Swimmer” can be followed in the Swimming Times and on her blog “Binge Swimming”. Verity also writes the Masterstroke's column in the Swimming Times; She currently chairs the ASA National Masters committee, is passionate about the sport and loves its inclusiveness and the fact that it is as satisfying for the complete novice as it is for the more seasoned competitor.

She says "after 45 years in swimming, I'm still not even sure if I can properly articulate my attraction to it, but I just love the sport, the training, the people, the competition, the camaraderie the challenge. I see swimming as a hugely positive pastime, it has given me some unique and unbelievable experiences and I am keen to share the opportunities for “fitness friendship and fun” with as wide an audience as possible.”


Christine Goodair, Masters London Regional RepresentativeChristine Goodair

Christine is a Masters Swimmer and Secretary of Kings Cormorants Masters Swimming Club. She is also a qualified swimming official and London Swimming Board member. Christine was a Games Maker (Aquatics) at the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.


Tony Ward, Masters West Midland Region RepresentativeTony Ward

Tony has been in swimming for many years as an age group swimmer to a Masters Swimmer but rarely competes due to being involved in officiating or part of the Event Management Team. Tony specialises in two areas of swimming;

  • Masters where he can be seen being the interface between the swimmers and officials, trying to resolve issues at events, taking withdrawals, Team Declaration forms and record spotting. He is also the Event Manager of the Midland Masters Championships.
  • Disability Swimming where he officiates at the highest level. Referee at the Paralympic Games in Beijing and London, and Technical Delegate for the International Paralympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Tony also serves on Staffordshire ASA Executive, West Midland Masters Committee, Joint East and West Midland Masters Committee and ASA Masters Technical Committee.


David Robinson, Masters East Region RepresentativeDavid Robinson

David has been a member of the ASA East Region Management Board since its inception in 2005. He joined the original East Region Masters Technical Committee at that time and in 2010 became its manager.  In 2005 he became the East Region Records Officer and established records for mainstream, masters and disability and continues to maintain them.


Anthony Gimson, Masters South East Region RepresentativeAnthony Gimson

Anthony joined Watford SC in 1949 but did not compete much being in the Merchant Navy until 1960.  He then played and refereed water polo.  He took on various club roles including President in 1973. Anthony moved to Haywards Heath in 1982 and was Chairman from 1983-86. First ASA Masters in 1983 and started a Club Masters Section which now has 200 members. Anthony was Sussex Masters Secretary from 1990-2010 and Southern District Masters Secretary from 1997-2002. He has been on the ASA Masters Committee since 2000 to date, is a Qualified Official (J2S) and currently Sussex President.


Geoff Stokes, Masters SpecialistGeoff Stokes

Geoff's current involvement in swimming is as follows:

  • Member of South East Region Board
  • Discipline manager for SER Masters
  • Promoter of SER Masters Competitions
  • Member of the ASA Masters Committee
  • Member of the British Swimming Masters Committee
  • Masters coach for Rushmoor Royals SC
  • Member of the Spencer Swim Team
  • Competitive Master swimmer, age group 75/79

He is also the liaison and adviser for the ASA and British Swimming Masters Championships representing the relevant Masters committees. As a swimming official, Judge 2, Geoff supports age group competitions throughout the year.


Jim Peto, Masters East Midland Region Representative Jim Peto

Jim has been an active Masters swimmer for nearly 40 years and continues to enjoy competition and has recently taken up Open Water swimming. He represents and furthers Masters interests sitting on several committees at county (Northamptonshire), regional (ASA East Midland) and national levels.

Jim has performed many roles in Wellingborough ASC over the past  28 years and is the coach of their Swim21 accredited Masters Squad. He is particularly gratified to see those he taught and coached as youngsters returning to take up Masters swimming. Jim is a firm proponent of Life Long Participation.


Rosemary Johnson, Masters South West Region Representative Rosemary Johnson

Rosemary started swimming at both Folkestone SC and Dover Life Guards at the age of 15. Her main interest at this time was life saving and over the years she has won many competitions. Her enthusiasm for swimming continued when she moved to Canada in 1963 and then on to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1965.

In 1977 Rosemary moved back to the UK, with her husband and three children. Her first Masters competition was in Weymouth in 1985 where her nerves got the better of her. In 1986 Rosemary was a member of a six women relay team that completed an English Channel swim and in 2005 she completed the Isle of Wight to Southsea swim. She attended her first European Masters in 1993 in Blackpool.

Having got the bug for international competition Rosemary has since competed in the World Masters in Canada and Sheffield and the World Masters Games in Australia. This year she is returning to Canada and in preparation for this she competes regularly in competitions in England, Wales, Guernsey and the Isle of Wight. Rosemary joined the Masters Technical Committee in 2010.


Jeroen Peters, Masters North West Region RepresentativeJeroen Peters

Jeroen became a Masters Swimmer at Romiley Marina near Stockport in Cheshire in 1990, not long after he moved to the UK from his home country, The Netherlands. He also joined Glossop ASC, Jeroen's home town these days, and has been vice-chair there since stepping down as chair of RMSC after nearly 10 years. When not swimming you can find Jeroen being an ASA referee on a poolside all over the North West and East Midlands.


David Alexander, Masters North East Region RepresentativeDavid Alexander

David has been the Yorkshire Swimming Association Secretary since 2002 and Chairman of their Masters Committee. He has just taken over as the ASA North East Region Masters Manager, having previously represented the region on the ASA Masters Committee some years ago. David is the administration Manager for the successful East Leeds Swimming Club that includes World, European and British record holders, and best known as the Competitors Steward at many ASA Masters Championships at Sheffield.


Sharon Lock, ASA Masters Swimming OfficerSharon Lock

Sharon was a swimmer in her youth and then re-started Masters at the age of 30. She has competed in all levels of Masters Competitions and has enjoyed limited success at Worlds & European (not top three but mainly in the top 10). She has been an enthusiastic promoter of Masters Swimmers and has been Leics County Rep for five years, helping to organise Regional Development Days & Team Managing Leics Team for inter-counties. Sharon is not part of the Technical Committee and has no voting rights but feeds into the meeting agenda and is allocated responsibilities via the Technical Committee.


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