T-30 Swimming Challenge

Masters swimmer freestyle

The ASA T-30 swimming challenge is a unique and simple event which determines just one thing – who can swim the furthest in 30 minutes?

Whether you’re trying to beat your own PB, be the best in your county or even the country, it’s the perfect event for setting yourself a quick-swim challenge.

You don’t have to be a member of the ASA to enter the T-30 Challenge – it’s open to all adult swimmers living in Great Britain from 18-108 years – and you can compete in your local pool as a team or individual.

How do I enter?

T-30 Challenge entries can be submitted from a swim in any pool that is 25 metres/yards or longer, and between November and January.

As well as submitting an individual entry, you can combine with three friends to form a single or mixed sex team entry.

Look out for entry details for the 2014 T-30 Challenge coming soon.

Previous results

Give yourself an idea of how far other people have swum during the T-30 Challenge in your age group by taking a look at these results from the past three years.

Event and Year Results
T-30 Challenge Results 2013 Individual / Team
T-30 Challenge Results 2012 Individual / Team
T-30 Challenge Results 2011 Full results
T-30 Challenge Results 2010 Full results
T-30 Challenge Results 2009 Full results


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