Why you need to become a 30 minute convert

Why you need to become a 30 minute convert

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Swimming is great for your health generally. But ensuring you do a full 30 minutes activity each visit offers swimmers a range of added benefits. So don’t miss out. Read on and become a 30 Minute Convert today.

1. Reduce your body fat

Take 30 and burn 200. Swim for just 30 minutes and burn 200 - 350 calories.



2. Control your Cholesterol level

Boost your metabolism in 30 minutes – 30 minutes in the pool is the equivalent of 45-60 minutes of land based exercise.



3. Reduce your blood pressure

Get your heart pumping with half an hour of swimming every week and see a happier, healthier you.



4. Lower your risk of cancer

Combine your 30-minute swim with post-pool intake of protein and you can help lower the risk of cancer by strengthening your immune system



5. Promote your longevity

30 minutes at least once a week can make the difference – research suggests that bouts of swimming for 30 minutes or more can cut the risk of early death.



6. Prevent Osteoporosis

Swimming for half an hour in a weightless environment produces 90% less stress on your joints than most other forms of exercise.


7. Increase your energy

Need more get up and go? Then get yourself down to the pool – just half an hour once a week gives a fantastic boost to your energy levels.

8. Maintain your mental well-being

Get happy – get swimming! Just half an hour in the pool once a week improves mood and reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

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