Swimming ranked as number one indoor activity for parents and toddlers

Be Healthier

Looking for advice and help to be healthier? Combining swimming and a balanced diet is a fantastic way to improve your health.

None of us at Just Swim can say we are completely immune to the temptation to a slice of birthday cake, or the occasional Friday night takeaway!

Nor can we say we’ve never had the odd lazy Sunday in our pjs, with the only real exercise reaching to change the channel on the TV remote.

We’ve put together a series of articles to help you be healthier, while staying master of your own diet and lifestyle and still enjoying those treats and lazy sofa days.

Swimming with Health Conditions

The power of swimming and healthy eating doesn’t stop there!

Our health team at Swim England have been working closely with medical professionals to identify how swimming can help manage and treat symptoms for a range of health conditions.