Things to consider before swimming with a health condition

For most people with a long term health condition or impairment, swimming and aquatic activity is excellent for health. It is safer to be active than to be inactive.

But there are some things that might need advance consideration with specific health conditions or impairments to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

We have created a handout to help identify some of the crucial considerations to be made before swimming with a health condition, in order for swimmers to be prepared and have a safe and enjoyable experience in the water.

The handout includes brief advice on what you should check if you are planning on swimming during or after cancer treatment, or if you have a wound from surgery. How to stay safe if you have diabetes, asthma, angina or epilepsy and the kind of support you should expect if you have a visual impairment, limited mobility or dementia.

The handout is also supported by additional fact sheets on swimming with specific health conditions.

Note: Leisure facilities can purchase and display the following series of three posters which can be displayed as prompts around the pool environment, and a professional resource is also available to download to help staff understand and provide the same advice included in the handout.