Calorie Cruncher | Calories you can burn swimming.

How does your sport compare? Calorie Cruncher

Use our Calorie Cruncher to calculate calories burned during different types of swimming and how this compares with Cycling, Running and Walking.

To use our Calorie Calculator select your swimming stroke and enter the time you seek to swim. Click Submit to find out how many calories you could crunch in the pool and how swimming compares with running, cycling and walking for calorie burn over the same time period.

When you are done sign up to MySwimfit to start feeling the benefits of swimming today.

Also, check out our guidance on what to eat and how to swim to make most out of your swimming calorie burn.

Calorie Cruncher

Note: The Calorie Cruncher is for guidance only. Calories burned during any sporting activity depend on a range of factors including a person's weight and intensity of exercise.

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