MySwimfit - CoachZone and Challenges

MySwimfit - CoachZone and Challenges

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Swimfit poolside products, distance challenges and training plans.

SwimTip: MySwimfit members get 20% off Speedos. You can find your discount code on any session card in the CoachZone once you've signed up.

1. CoachZone

For further information on the programmes available in the Coach Zone click on the links provided.

MySwimfit Activate

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These 30 distance-based swim-alone cards are based on the instructor-led Swimfit sessions at your local pool called Activate+ They are the flexible way to quick-start your swimming.

MySwimfit Motivate

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Work through the 30 progressive session cards to achieve your goal, whether it is to improve your fitness or tone up. Simple!

  • Looking to improve your fitness and stamina and really work your heart and lungs? Choose Get Fit.
    More about Get Fit
  • After a toned and sleek appearance? Choose Get Toned.
    More about Get Toned

Log your time in the pool, leave notes, tell MySwimfit whether you found it easy, moderate or hard, and move on or re-do a session.

MySwimfit Original

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Choose one of four categories from the original Swimfit workout series: Health, Fitness, Competitive, Shape Up and Tone.

Work through 32 gym-style sessions based on your motivation.

2. Challenges

If the structure of the CoachZone sessions isn't your thing, or you just want to get in the pool and swim, then you need the MySwimfit ChallengeZone.

Swim the Thames without having to brave the elements from the comfort of your local pool. You can log and edit your swims and track your progress on Google Maps.

Or if you really fancy pushing yourself define your own distance and log your swims as you go.

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Plus if you’re taking on an event such as the British Gas Great Swim, get your hands on dedicated training plans to help you on your way.

More about MySwimfit Challenges

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