Player development with England Programmes Water Polo

The highest level you can train and play water polo in England is with the England Programmes Water Polo squads.

The England Programmes Water Polo team have two main goals:

  1. Identifying the most talented young water polo players in England based on technical and tactical standards.
  2. Developing these players to an international level.

Do you like the idea of playing water polo across the world in junior or youth international tournaments?

  • Click here to download the ASA’s overview of the England Programmes Water Polo Performance Pathway or read on to find out how to get involved.

Four stages of water polo player development in England

England Programmes Water Polo involves four stages of development for players from U14 to senior age groups.

The stages ultimately lead to selection to senior national teams. The long term aim of the programme is to achieve international success and re-establish a funded world class programme.

The four stages are:

  1. Regional Academy Training – each of the seven regions run monthly training sessions for their top U14 and U16 male and female players.
  2. Regional Academy Competitions – the top 60 girls and boys from the Regional Academies will compete in ‘Regional Academy Competition’ (RAC) three times a year. These act as a step for consideration to the National Academy and National Squads.
  3. National Academy Training – the top 30 boys and girls from the RACs will be invited to train with the National Academy at three training camps before selection to an England squad to compete at the School Games in September.
  4. National Squads – the national training squads are the top level of the performance pathway in England. U17, U19 and senior national squads train every month and work towards competing at European international competitions.

In 2016, players from the England Programmes national squad competed at the European U19 Championships in the Hague, the Netherlands.

National Squads 2016 / 2017

Players from the national squads are not eligible to train at the National Academy sessions or be selected to play in the Regional Academy Competitions.

View the latest National Squads for each of the age groups.

National Junior Squads 2016/2017

U17 Boys’ National Squad

  • Head Coach: Theo Nousios
  • Team Manager: Felicity Leighton
  1. Connor Carpenter (City of Sheffield WPC)
  2. Michael Cousins (Sedgefield Water Polo Club)
  3. Matthew Crighton (Forfar ASC)
  4. Petar Djordjic (Watford Water Polo Club)
  5. Kristopher Egginton (Sedgefield Water Polo Club)
  6. Daniel Hunt (Rotherham Metro SC)
  7. Connor Keeble (Sedgefield Water Polo Club)
  8. Matthew Kendall (Bridgefield)
  9. Sammy Lear (CW Elche, Spain)
  10. Thomas Manley (Newton Abbot SC)
  11. Aril Pandya (Watford Water Polo Club)
  12. Finlay Parnell (Team Ipswich Swimming)
  13. Michael Patterson (Old Royton & Crompton ASC)
  14. George Reader (South Derbyshire Water Polo Club)
  15. Ben Scott (Portobello ASC)
  16. Ethan Staunton (Croydon Amphibians SC)
  17. Ben Stephenson (Sedgefield Water Polo Club)
  18. Jack Warman (Chelmsford SC)
  19. Jos Winstanley (City of Manchester WPC)
  20. Dominque Zahra (Warrender Baths Club)

U17 Girls’ National Squad

  • Head Coach: Nick Hume
  • Team Manager: Eileen Selvey
  1. Molly Boniface-Ashton (Bridgefield & City of Liverpool SC)
  2. Niamh Campbell-O’Donnell (Old Royton & Crompton ASC)
  3. Anya Clapperton (Stretford SC)
  4. Katy Cutler (Salisbury Stingrays ASC)
  5. Lauren Dundee (Stirling Swimming)
  6. Emmie-Rose Eastwood (City of Manchester WPC)
  7. Emma Gillie (Welsh Wanderers)
  8. Robyn Greenslade (Paignton SC)
  9. Sophie Jackson (Halifax SC)
  10. Isabel Larder (City of Manchester WPC)
  11. Poppy Mayall (Team Ipswich Swimming)
  12. Amy Potter (Oddicombe SC)
  13. Emily Pyper (Bridgefield & City of Liverpool SC)
  14. Abbi Smith (Exeter Waterpolo & Swimming Club)
  15. Lily Turner (Crawley SC)
  16. Stephanie Whittaker (City of Manchester WPC)
  17. Milly Wordley (Barnstaple SC)

U19 Men’s National Squad

  • Head Coach: Tim Dunsbee
  • Team Manager: Colin Walsh
  1. Harrison Barker-Smith (City of Manchester WPC)
  2. James Blything (Hastings Seagull SC)
  3. Jamie Heywood (Dunfermline Water Polo Club)
  4. Tom Hutchens (Barnstaple SC)
  5. Joseph Jenkins-Delf (Welsh Wanderers)
  6. Michael Kelly (Bridgefield)
  7. Matt Madden (Solihull SC)
  8. William Moores (City of Manchester WPC)
  9. Frederick Pearson (Beckenham SC)
  10. John Pratt (Sedgefield Water Polo Club)
  11. Ben Ray (City of Manchester WPC)
  12. Ben Riding (City of Manchester WPC)
  13. James Spencer Boyce (Beckenham SC)
  14. Alexander Waller (London Bor of Enfield WPC)
  15. Isaac Wass (Castleford WPC)

U19 Women’s National Squad

  • Head Coach: Ian McCallum
  • Team Manager: Joan Dundee
  1. Emily Pilkington (Sedgefield Water Polo Club)
  2. Naya Patel (Grantham Water Polo Club)
  3. Emily Lee (Trafford Metro Bor SC)
  4. Lucy Thomas (City of Manchester WPC)
  5. Lauren Richardson (City of Leeds Water Polo Club)
  6. Millie Boucher (City of Hereford SC)

If you have a question about England Programmes Water Polo, please contact Talent Development Officer Norman Leighton at