About water polo coaching

Coaching Water Polo in England

Coaches are vital for helping water polo players develop to their full potential.

They are responsible for training athletes in a sport by analysing their performances, instructing relevant skills and by providing encouragement.

Good water polo coaching helps create the right conditions for learning to happen and finds ways of motivating athletes so they can achieve their goals.

Water Polo Coaching

Become A Coach

If you are interested in water polo coaching, your first port of call would be to get qualified. In order to do this you will need to have completed the following qualifications:

  1. ASA Level 1 Award in Coaching Water Polo (QCF)
  2. ASA Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Water Polo (QCF)

There are then further qualifications you can progress on to in order to aid your coaching career.

Player Development

The Long Term Player Development is a tool used by ASA water polo coaches to help develop their players.

The plan covers techniques, skills and tactical development through five stages of development; Fundamentals (U10), Learn to Play (11-12 Yrs), Train to Train (13-16 Yrs), Train to Compete (17-18 Yrs) and Train to Win (19+)

  • Click here to download the Long Term Player Development document.



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