Water polo officials, referees resources and licensing

Water Polo referee course

Water polo officials are vital to the success of the sport. There are a number of different officiating roles within water polo, including timekeepers, table officials, goal judges and water polo referees and everyone plays a part in ensuring matches and tournaments run smoothly.

There are four grades of water polo referee qualification ranging from A – D and two grades of table official; regional and national.

To better understand the route to becoming a water polo official with the ASA, download our current Pathways document for an overview of the progression you can make through the water polo officials qualifications and grades and the requirements for presenting a course for any of the grades.

Water Polo Officiating

Becoming A Water Polo Official

There are water polo referee and officials courses taking place across the country each year.

  • Click here for a more in-depth look at the current pre-requisites for examination for each of the officials grades.

Head to our dedicated Courses Calendar to search for an upcoming water polo officials course near you.

Licensed Officials

Once you are a registered official, you can apply for British Swimming Water Polo Officials License.

The License lasts for four years and helps the ASA ensure the sport of water polo benefits from the highest possible standards.

To renew your license, you must satisfy a number of criteria and pass various modules. There is no requirement to be licensed in order to officiate at a water polo event but holding a license demonstrates that you are maintaining and upgrading your skills and knowledge of the game.

Run A Training Course

Please fill in our online Training Course Application Form if you are wanting to initiate the process of gaining formal approval for a water polo officials training course in your region.

Completing this form is the initial step in the process – a form should be submitted as early as possible when a course is being planned and any outstanding information can be provided at a later stage.

You will also need the following documents if running a course:

  • Action Plan / Checklist – this outlines the process of running a water polo officials training course and what action to take afterwards. It also has some useful contacts.
  • Data Protection – all licensed officials should fill in this form upon completing their officials qualification.

Running Competitions

With numerous competitions and camps taking place on both a regional and national scale throughout the year, it can be difficult planning water polo events.

Please consult the water polo planner through the link below to check whether your planned event clashes with any of the key water polo competitions and camps scheduled to take place in the next 18 months.

  • Click here to view the Water Polo planner for 2015 / 2016 which features the dates of key water polo competitions and camps.

Useful Documents For Water Polo Officials

Officials may find it useful to have additional guidance on the rules governing water polo. The below documentation outlines some of the current rules and how they are interpreted and applied.

Interpretations and applications of the rules of water polo



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