Swim England Talent divers prepare to take on idols at British Diving Championships

Athletes on the Swim England Talent Diving Pathway will become rivals to their idols at the British Diving Championships 2020.

Members of the Team Y squad will compete in what is likely their only British senior event of 2020, as they look to build towards major junior domestic and international competitions later in the year.

A total of 98 divers will challenge for national titles, with 13 British clubs represented and guest divers from nine different countries in attendance.

Olympic medallists Jack Laugher, Daniel Goodfellow and Grace Reid are all set to compete in Plymouth.

Suzie Collins, Swim England Talent Development Officer for Diving, said: “This is one of the biggest British Championships we’ve had and certainly the most number of guests we’ve had, so it’s very exciting for all the divers to get to compete against athletes from all over the world.

“A lot of them will be competing against their idols, people they’ve looked up to for a long time, perhaps people that have come in and spoken to them on Team Z camps in previous years.

“It’s really exciting for our athletes to pitch themselves against the Olympic athletes see what they’re working towards in the future, what they’re aspiring to be.”

Stepping up at senior level

Desharne Bent-Ashmeil reached two finals at the British National Diving Cup

Crystal Palace diver Desharne Bent-Ashmeil will once again compete against her idol, Reid.

Bent-Ashmeil, who was named Swim England’s Talent Athlete of the Year for diving in 2019, won bronze in the Women’s 1m at the 2019 national championships.

The Crystal Palace diver will be joined by fellow European junior medallists Euan McCabe and Richelle Houlden, as well as Callie Eaglestone, Chloe Johnson, Hannah Newbrooke and Leon Baker.

Maisie Bond and Tilly Brown will hope to build on the experience they gained from competing at the 2019 CAMO Invitational in Montreal.

Suzie added: “As it’s a senior competition, they won’t be completing any required dives, just their optional, harder dives.

“That’s quite a challenge for them. Quite often, they will have a set of required dives to warm them up, in the prelims, and then they get a crack at it in the final.

“This time, as soon as they’re competing, they’re going in with a hard dive, so that can be a bit more challenging.

“It’s also an opportunity for them to try out new dives which they’ve learned in pre-season.

“They can try out those new skills under pressure. They will have worked hard in a training environment, but to see how those new dives and skills go in that competition environment is a great opportunity.”

The British Diving Championships 2020 takes place at Plymouth Life Centre from 24-26 January. Tickets are available to purchase here. 

Swim England Talent Diving Pathway athletes at 2020 British Diving Championships

  • Callie Eaglestone (City of Leeds Diving Club)
  • Chloe Johnson (City of Leeds Diving Club)
  • Desharne Bent Ashmeil (Crystal Palace Diving Club)
  • Euan McCabe (Plymouth Diving)
  • Hannah Newbrooke (Dive London)
  • Leon Baker (Southampton Diving Academy)
  • Maisie Bond (City of Sheffield Diving Club)
  • Richelle Houlden (City of Sheffield Diving Club)
  • Tilly Brown (Southampton Diving Academy)