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Emily Martin’s 15 minute core and glutes workout for divers

Having a strong core is an extremely important quality in diving – and this core and glutes workout can help maintain that strength whilst not in the pool.

Abdominal, core and glutes need to be activated when you are entering the water.

So the Swim England Talent Diving Team have created the perfect exercise to ensure divers can maintain a strong core while training at home.

Great Britain and Plymouth diver Emily Martin, a LEN European Diving Championships silver medallist in the Women’s 10m Synchro alongside Phoebe Banks, demonstrates how to complete the drill.

Emily, who started diving when she was six, has also won a junior European Championships gold and a silver in the Junior World Championships.

There are three different levels of difficulty in this workout, which all include the same exercises for different repetitions or lengths of time.

Start with level one and progress when you feel ready.

15 Minute Core and Glutes Workout

Repeat the six exercises for five seconds each, then take a 60 second break after you have completed all six. Keep doing this until the 15 minutes are up.

Make this workout harder by performing each exercise for eight or 12 seconds at a time, then taking a 90 second break after you’ve done all six.

  • Front support
    Keep your shoulders over your wrists, keep chest hollow, legs and hips are straight, squeeze glutes and keep your feet together.
  • Dish rock
    Squeeze your glutes and keep your core tight. Push your back into the floor and maintain the dish throughout.
  • Front support
    Repeat the first exercise
  • Tuck kick out
    Start in a tuck position, kick to dish in a sharp motion – look back – narrow grab motion – retain right abs, core and glutes engaged during the kick out sequences.
  • Front support
    Repeat the first exercise
  • V-sits
    Start lying flat on the floor with arms above head, lift both arms and legs into a pike shape. Ensure you head is between your arms. Control your legs and arms down into a dish and repeat.