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Gymnastics conditioning home workout

This gymnastics conditioning home workout has a diving-specific and acrobatics theme and has been devised and demonstrated by the British Diving High Performance team based in Leeds.

The conditioning is progressive in intensity and can be performed in sets of 1, 2 or 3 depending on your desired level.

Click or tap play on the video below to watch English divers Katherine Torrance and Anthony Harding talk you through workout and demonstrate each exercise.

Gymnastics conditioning home workout

Before you start this workout, make sure you do a good warm up and stretch. You will need a mat, and for the fourth exercise, someone to assist you.

Complete each exercise for the number of reps describes. Repeat for one, two or three sets depending on your confidence and ability.

  • Forward Roll to Sitting Pike Come Out Drill – 10 reps.

    Maintain a tight tuck shape squeezing the lower shins. Make a sharp pike out whilst keeping the chest close to your legs. Shoulders should be relaxed whilst arms are in ‘T’ Position. Lift up to an ‘L’ position and follow with a fast hand grab action with a pop.

  • Sitting Supported Pike Ups > Tuck Up/Pike Downs > Scissor Kicks – three reps of pike ups, three reps of tuck up/pike downs, eight reps of scissor kicks.

    Pike ups should be in a smooth action whilst working the shape as tight as possible. The tuck up/pike downs should also follow a similar pattern with the variation of showing a tight compact tuck before locking into a pike position. Scissor kicks should be performed with legs fully locked with dynamic range.

  • Sitting Pike Ups to Sitting V Hold – five reps of two pike ups then a three second hold.

    Start by laying completely flat focusing on posture and alignment. The V-sits should be performed whilst keeping arms fully behind the ears maintaining good leg form. After the pike ups are performed, move into a sitting V hold. Keep shoulders relaxed and show good form through arms/fingers. Legs should be kept as close to your chest as possible.

  • Varied Partner Back Arches – eight reps.

    This exercise will need a partner. This exercise must be performed keeping the glutes tight whilst showing full range and control in each list. Pace should be controlled and not rushed.

  • Mushroom Lifts with Hold – three, four or five reps of two mushroom lifts then a three second hold.

    Start resting on chins with hands placed next to knees with fingers spread. From that position, the knees must then suck up into the chest, lifting the body into a stable position whilst keeping shins parallel to the floor. Remove the hold for an easier variation of this exercise.