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Swim England’s pool-based Level X Diving competition officially launches

Swim England is ‘thrilled’ to be officially launching Level X Diving, which will see divers from across the country returning to competition from the comfort of their home pools.

From 1 June, clubs will have the chance to host Level X Diving sessions where their divers will be testing their skills against others across the country to try to get a spot in the exclusive Level X Diving Hall of Fame!

The series is broken into three month-long phases with the final phase concluding on 22 August.

There are four levels to choose from, depending on the diver’s ability, with defined age categories and three stages within each level.

The club’s designated Level X Diving official will score the divers on their performances at each Level X session and then submit the results to Swim England.

The Level X Diving Hall of Fame will be published at the end of each phase, showcasing the participating clubs’ top female and top males for each level, stage and age group.

The event is open to all Swim England Category 2 members, Scottish Swimming and Swim Wales equivalent.

‘Long-awaited return’

Suzie Collins, Swim England diving talent development officer, said of the launch: “We are thrilled to be officially launching Level X Diving to the diving community.

“The recent success of the Level X Diving Dryland Games has reinforced just how important a competitive environment is for our clubs and their athletes.

“Now, they’ll be able to experience the exhilaration of diving and competition once again after what has been a long-awaited return to the water.

“We cannot wait to see our members getting involved with Level X Diving. The Level X concept has seen much success since it first launched last year, so we are delighted to see that diving has now officially completed the quartet.”

For more information and to view the entry pack, please visit the Level X Diving webpage. Alternatively, you can email [email protected].