Winners revealed for second series of Level X Diving Dryland Games

The second series of the Level X Diving Dryland Games has been hailed a ‘great success’ after the live stream event which celebrated the successes of the athletes that took part.

The live stream was held on the Swim England Facebook page and saw 2016 Olympian Freddie Woodward and Commonwealth Games diver Jack Haslam returning to the commentary seats. 

The second edition of the virtual competition was launched in April and saw the addition of four new skills for the divers to complete.

The top 10 point-scoring entrants in each category were then showcased during the event on Saturday 22 May, with each of the winners invited to speak with the hosts and reflect on their victories.

More than X participants took part in the competition overall, rounding out what has been a ‘fun and exciting’ event within the diving community.

‘Buzz of competition’

Swim England diving talent development officer, Suzie Collins, said of the event: “It’s been fantastic to see so many members of the diving community getting involved with this event.

“Both series have been hugely successful and have really injected some excitement and fun into the last few months, allowing the athletes to experience the buzz of competition once again.

“The Dryland Games will act as the perfect precursor to future Level X competitions and we are really looking forward to seeing this concept move into the pool now that divers have returned to the water.”

Swim England are happy to announce that Level X Pool will be launching on 1 June with more information to follow in due course.

Full results for the second series of the Level X Diving Dryland Games will be available on Monday 24 May on this page.

8-10 Female

  • 1st: Daisy Dwyer, Luton Diving, 99
  • 2nd: Isabelle Diacon, Co Shef Dive, 97.5
  • (3rd:) Ella Duthie, Aberdeen DC, 93
  • 3rd: Aurora Griffiths, Co Shef Dive, 92.5

8-10 Male

  • 1st: Joshua Saxton, Luton Diivng, 91.5
  • 2nd: Joseph Forrest, Sland CDT, 91
  • (3rd:) Blair Crooks, Aberdeen DC, 90.5
  • (4th:) Zain Sellar, Aberdeen DC, 90
  • (5th:) Nicolas Currie, Aberdeen DC, 88.5
  • 3rd: Felix Wheeler, Co Leeds DC, 76
  • 3rd: Harry Westbury, Plymouth DC, 76

11-13 Female

  • 1st: Tallulah Clarke, Crystal P DC, 99
  • 2nd: Lexie Clarke, Crystal P DC, 98.5
  • 3rd: Hannah Brockie, Luton Diving, 98

11-13 Male

  • 1st: Oscar Kane, Luton Diving, 105.5
  • 2nd: Robert Wood, Co Shef Dive, 101.5
  • 3rd: Jed Brown, South Dive A, 101

14-17 Female

  • (1st:) Amy Stewart, Aberdeen DC, 99
  • (2nd:) Libby Duke, Edinburgh DC, 96.5
  • 1st: Amelia Scott, Co Shef Dive, 95
  • 1st: Daisy Halls, Cambridge DT, 95
  • 1st: Elizabeth Hart, South Dive A, 95
  • 4th: Sophie Hancox, Co Shef Dive, 92.5

14-17 Male

  • 1st: Max Hill, Luton Diving, 95.5
  • 2nd: Oliver Wignall, South Dive A, 94
  • 3rd: Toby Murrison-Waller, Crystal P DC, 93

18+ Female

  • 1st: Katie Cripps, Luton Diving, 89
  • (2nd:) Regan Martin, Aberdare Com, 70