8 reasons to go swimming with the family

Swimming can be a great activity for all the family to enjoy.

The kids will love it and it can have some great benefits for parents too. Have a read of our 8 reasons to go swimming below.

  1. They’re clean – you can miss the usual bath routine, we won’t say anything! You could even get them straight into their PJs
  2. They will be hungry – great opportunity to feed them anything, they will eat!
  3. They’ve got their legs moving and hearts pumping so if you decide to opt for something less green for dinner you don’t have to feel so bad about it
  4. No bed time stories needed – they will be worn out after their swimming session and will nod right off
  5. They will make friends in the pool meaning a rare 30 seconds of peace for you
  6. Swimming in the short term means care free evenings in the long term as they get older and swim with friends
  7. You can rest easy knowing your kids are learning new skills and keeping up with the Jones’
  8. Every generation can get involved, why not get grandma and grandad down to the pool too!

If this was enough to convince you, check out our how to pack for swimming article.