Just Swim App User Guide and Feedback

Welcome to the Just Swim user guide and feedback page. It’s a lifebuoy for anyone struggling to use the app, as well as a feedback area.

If you are seeking the user guide and still have issues after reading it, go
to the main Just Swim App page here
for contact details and get in touch.

Please note the app is only available on iOS and Android. Supported devices are: iOS 8, 9, and 10 for Apple, and Android 6 Marshmallow, 5 Lollipop, and 4.4 Kit Kat.

Please note:

  • The Pool Finder function for searching for pools and setting lengths only covers England at present.
    Users outside these areas will have to input pool lengths manually.

Just Swim App User Guide


The Just Swim App is for people just discovering swimming as a means to improve wellbeing and general health. It is simple goal-focused swim logging and blogs that help you start your journey to better health and fitness generally.

If you swim for fitness and want structured programmes to improve stamina or develop strokes, you may find the app limiting at this point. However, we will be growing its functionality over the next 12 months. Keep it on your device and we’ll notify you when we update it.


To register for Just Swim click the Register Button and complete the process. Registering opens up a Swim England swimming.org account for you. You will receive a confirmation email. This email should contain logos for the Swim England and swimming.org.


Use the login button on the home screen. You then enter user name or email and password. If you cannot remember your password use the Forgot Password? link under login button.

Me (Overview)

The Me area is where you find data on your swims. Overview has three screens. Swipe to access the three screens

  1. First screen shows you calories burned, time swam and distance swam this week and last week.
  2. Second screen shows you calories burned, time swam and distance swam this month and last month.
  3. Third screen shows you calories burned, time swam and distance swam across the year.

Me (Swims)

The Swims option shows you a list of swims you have logged. If you tap on a swim it will show you distance swam, date of swim, pool you swam at (if entered), calories burned, time swam, and number of lengths.

  • Note you can also delete swims in this section. Simply tap on the swim and choose ‘Delete’ The logged swim will
    be removed and your totals adjusted.

Goals (Active)

This is your list of goals to choose from. This is also where you check your progress towards a goal.

There are calorie burning goals and distance goals. You can choose as many goals at once as you want. To choose a goal from the active goals screen:

  1. Tap on the goal. Here you will see a description of the goal.
  2. Tap ‘Choose Goal’. When you do you will see a confirmation message.
  3. Close confirmation message window
  4. Start logging swims using the green ‘+’ log swim button

Goals (Active – check progress)

To check progress of a goal go to goal in Active screen. The green bar on the goal shows you your progress. Tap the goal you are working through and you can access percentage goal completed, calories burned, minutes swam, and distance swam.

Goals (Completed)

This section shows you the goals you have completed. Tap the goal to access percentage goal completed, calories burned, minutes swam, and distance swam.

Logging Swims

The green ‘+’ button is the log swim button. Press it any time to enter the Log a Swim screen. You can log swims either as part of a goal or on their own. If you have an active goal all swims logged will count towards goal completion. To log a swim:

  1. Tap select pool. Tap Use My Location or type postcode to search. If your pool appears in the list tap on it. If
    there is more than one pool distance choose the correct distance. This will automatically set your distance. If
    your pool is not there go back to main screen and manually enter the distance.
  2. Enter lengths swam
  3. Enter swim duration
  4. Add any diary notes you want to keep with the swim.
  5. Tap save swim
  6. You will receive the Well Done notification screen. Tap Close.

Once logged you will be at Me Overview and your overall swim tally updated.

Deleting Logged Swims

If you make an error you can delete a logged swim by doing the following:

  • Go to the ‘Me’ section and choose ‘Swims’
  • Tap the swim you want to delete
  • In the swim details tap ‘Delete’ in the top right corner.

The logged swim will be removed and your totals in ‘Me’ adjusted accordingly.

Socially Sharing Completed Swims

When you have completed a goal the app will display a Well Done message and ask you if you want to share your success on social media. To share do the following:

  • Click share button
  • Choose the social media you want to use. The app will display media you use on your phone.
  • Write a message and post. The post will include a link to goal page you have completed and the goal image.


To access Blogs tap the Blog icon on the bottom bar. You can choose a topic to filter. On tapping a blog entry you will open your device’s internal web browser and visit the Just Swim website page. To get back to the app tap Done if you are using an Apple device or the back button for an Android device.