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Asher and Warren win Masters Decathlon titles

The results for the British Swimming Masters Decathlon have been announced for the 2014 competition.

In the women’s Individual Decathlon, Jane Asher of Kings Cormorants SC was awarded first place for an incredible score of 9,001 points. Judith Hattle of Carnegie SC received second place with 6,103 points and Nicola Latty of Carnegie SC came third with 5,811 points.

In the men’s Rankings, David Warren of Otter SC came in first with 6,673 points. Steven Mavin of March SC received second with 6,643 points and Michael Hodgson was awarded third with 6,537 points.

For the overall club scores, Otter SC came first in the women’s rankings with a very impressive 20,256 points. Silver City Blues ASC came in second with 19,260, followed closely by Kings Cormorants SC who scored 19,122.

In the men’s club results, it was City of Oxford SC who clinched the top spot, tallying up 21,379 points. Otter SC once again came in the top three, finishing second with 21,186, and Birmingham Masters followed up in third with 19,724.

  • For the full results and rankings, or to find out more detailed results, click here.

About The British Swimming Masters Decathlon

The Masters Decathlon is a way of determining the rankings of Masters Swimmers over the course of the year, with swimmers being awarded points for their performances at Masters Competitions.

Each swimmer, whether English, Scottish or Welsh, is given an overall score based on their top scores in 10 out of 18 possible events.

It is the true test of versatility over a season of swimming and runs from the 1 January to the 31 December every year.

There is no split between the ages of the athletes, instead the points are adjusted to compensate for age differences, making sure the comparison is fair.

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