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Becky's 2km Lunchtime Swim

This is a great set if you don’t have much time but want to get the distance in – we complete this in a lunchtime and it takes about 45 minutes in the water.

It’s quite a flexible set and we sometimes vary the strokes and include some drill in there too for those of the group who don’t want to just thrash up and down on freestyle for the whole set!

There are around eight regular members of the training group with a range of abilities, and this set can be easily adapted so that we can all swim together – we set the turnaround times so the faster ones are pushed and the slower of the group can adapt distances off the same turnaround times to keep the group together.

Warm Up

  • 400m swim – use a stroke of your choice.

Main Set

  • 1x300m in 4min30. Wait until the 4m30 is up before moving on to the next step….
  • 2x150m on 2min30. Try and complete each 150m in 2min30 and then once the time is up, start the second 150m, aiming to complete it under your 2m30 again. This is the aim for the next four steps as well.
  • 3x100m on 1min40.
  • 4x75m on 1min15.
  • 5x50m on 60 seconds.
  • 6x25m on 30 seconds.

Secondary Set

  • 6x25m on 45 seconds but alternate between one length just kicking then one length full swim.

Swim Down

  • 100m easy swim (or whatever we have time for!)

Total Distance is 2100m