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Breaststroke tips from Michael Jamieson

Olympian Michael Jamieson gripped the nation at the London 2012 Games with his thrilling silver medal in the 200m Breaststroke event.

He has mastered the art of breaststroke technique over years of hard work and dedication. His effortless stroke and speed are second to none, so who better to learn from.

If you want some breaststroke tips to improve your swimming who better than than Michael to help you on your way.

Tip 1. Strong leg kick

  • Propulsion from your legs is the most important part of the breaststroke motion, so kick as hard as you can to drive yourself forward.
  • Always finish the kick action completely – snap you toes and ankles as your legs are outstretched behind you. Do not cut your leg action short!
  • When in the glide position, keep as streamlined as you can lying parallel to the water surface to minimise drag and get the most out of each leg kick. Keep your body as tube-like as possible!

Tip 2. Arm action

  • Try to keep your arm pull as narrow as you can by drawing your arms up the centreline of your body and throwing them forward in an arrow-shape.
  • Snap your arms through during the recovery phase to minimise the loss of momentum from the leg kick.
  • When plunging forward into the glide position, keep your arms in a tight streamline by locking your hands together and squeezing your elbows tightly to your ears.

Tip 3. Breathing

  • Breathing efficiently is an essential part of swimming any stroke. Try improving your cardiovascular fitness by running and cycling to increase your oxygen intake per breath.
  • When in the pool, always exhale all the air in your lungs before taking your next breath to ensure the maximum amount of oxygen is getting to your blood stream.