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British reception at European Masters 2018

The Home Countries Masters Swimming Management Group are pleased to announce a reception for all British Athletes attending the European Masters Championships 2018.

This will be held on Sunday 2 September at Hotel Brdo, Predoslje 39, 4000 Kranj – Brdo pri Kranj, from 5pm until 7pm

Why not go along and meet other athletes, chat about your races or events, talk tactics and get to know people you’ve never met before?

Plan your trips and nights out for the days when you’re not competing (or even when you are and you’ve got some celebrating to do)

You can get to the hotel by bus lines 5 and 6 from Kranj main bus station, but the advice from the hotel is ‘most of the guests take a taxi, because the bus schedule is not very friendly’.

A taxi/car ride should take about 10 mins from the pool and no more than 15 mins from the city center.

The group hope that athletes from all the disciplines will be able to attend but acknowledge it’s not easy for everyone to fit it into their schedule.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]. There is no need to book tickets, you can simply turn up on the night.

Good luck to everyone travelling and competing in Slovenia!