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British women win medals across 12 age groups on opening day in London

Great Britain’s women took the opening day of the London 2016 European Masters Swimming Championships by storm, winning medals in 12 of the 13 age groups.

Five golds for British women in 200m IM and 800m Free

There were five golds medals for British women on the day as Dawn Palmer and Rachael Keir touched first in the 200m Individual Medley before Jill Complin, Sarah Collings and Aisha Thornton finished on top in their age groups for the 800m Freestyle.

Romford Town swimmer Palmer was the first to top the podium, clocking 2:32.28 for victory in the 40-44 Years 200m IM before Silver City Blues swimmer Keir followed up with a British record 2:26.95 in the 30-34 Years age group.

It was a successful day for Romford Town as Jay Cochrane took silver in the 80-84 Years 800m Freestyle in 21:31.10 before teammate Complin claimed the top spot on the podium in the 75-79 Years 800m Free, touching in 14:29.94.

Sub 160 swimmer Collings lead home York City Baths’ Emma Wills as the Brits claimed a one-two in the 35-39 Years 800m Free, with Collings touching in 9:37.66 and Wills in 9:46.05.

Loughborough University swimmer Thornton was the fifth of the British women to top the podium on the opening day of Masters swimming in London, clocking 9:03.24 to finish more than 30 seconds clear of the field in the 25-29 Years 800m Freestyle.

Silver City Blues’ Laura Robertson also claimed a medal in the youngest 25-29 Years age group, grabbing 200m IM bronze in 2:28.41 while Glasgow Nomads’ Claire Young (2:30.07) and Otter’s Hayley Davis (9:58.03) won bronze medals in the 200m IM and 800m Free respectively in the 30-34 Years age group.

Latty and Graham lower their own British records

Stroud’s Jessica Wooddisse and GB Police’s Claire Thorn touched in 10:00.81 and 10:08.37 respectively for 800m Free silver medals in the 40-44 and 45-49 Years age groups while Nene Vally’s Nicola Latty was 0.03 seconds faster than her own British record as she took 45-49 Years 200m IM bronze in 2:38.84.

East Leeds’ Karen Graham also broke her own British record with a 10:23.61 swim for bronze in the 50-54 Years 800m Freestyle while Newquay Cormorants’ Sheryl Taylor clocked 2:58.36 for 200m IM silver and Hyde Seal swimmer Karen Elly touched in 11:04.37 for 800m Free bronze in the 55-59 Years age group.

GB won silver and bronze in the women’s 60-65 Years 800m Freestyle as Silver City Blues swimmer Audrey Cooper came home in 11:21.40 and Camp Hill Edwardians’ Anne Bourne in 11:55.41.

Spencer’s Rosa Montague reached the podium in the 65-69 Years 800m Freestyle with a 12:57.98 effort while Mid Sussex Marlins’ Rose Dudeney won 200m Individual Medley bronze in 3:49.18 in the same age group.

There were 800m Free bronze medals for Barnet Copthall’s Elaine Bower (14:19.62) and Camp Hill Edwardians’ Jenny Ball (16:51.13) in the 70-74 Years and 75-79 Years age groups respectively while South Beds’ Janet Masters also won bronze with a 4:07.05 swim in the 75-79 Years 200m Individual Medley.

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British women’s medals at London 2016: Day One


  • Aisha Thornton (Loughborough University) – 25-29 Years 800m Freestyle – 9:03.24
  • Rachael Keir (Silver City Blues) – 30-34 Years 200m Individual Medley – 2:26.95 BR
  • Sarah Collings (Sub 160) – 35-39 Years 800m Freestyle – 9:37.66
  • Dawn Palmer (Romford Town) – 40-44 Years 200m Individual Medley – 2:32.28
  • Jill Complin (Romford Town) – 75-79 Years 800m Freestyle – 14:29.94


  • Emma Wills (York City Baths) – 35-39 Years 800m Freestyle – 9:46.05
  • Jessica Wooddisse (Stroud Masters) – 40-44 Years 800m Freestyle – 10:00.81
  • Claire Thorn (GB Police) – 45-49 Years 800m Freestyle – 10:08.37
  • Sheryl Taylor (Newquay Cormorants) – 55-59 Years 200m Individual Medley – 2:58.36
  • Audrey Cooper (Silver City Blues) – 60-64 Years 800m Freestyle – 11:21.40
  • Rosa Montague (Spencer) – 65-69 Years 800m Freestyle – 12:57.68
  • Jay Cochrane (Romford Town) – 80-84 Years 800m Freestyle – 21:31.10


  • Laura Robertson (Silver City Blues) – 25-29 Years 200m Individual Medley – 2:28.41
  • Clare Young (Glasgow Nomads) – 30-34 Years 200m Individual Medley – 2:30.07
  • Hayley Davis (Otter) – 30-34 Years 800m Freestyle – 9:58.03
  • Nicola Latty (Nene Vally) – 45-49 Years 200m Individual Medley – 2:38.84 BR
  • Karen Graham (East Leeds) – 50-54 Years 800m Freestyle bronze – 10:23.61 BR
  • Karen Elly (Hyde Seal) – 55-59 Years 800m Freestyle – 11:04.37
  • Anne Bourne (Camp Hill Edwardians) – 60-64 Years 800m Freestyle – 11:55.41
  • Rose Dudeney (Mid Sussex Marlins) – 65-69 Years 200m Individual Medley – 3:49.18
  • Elaine Bower (Barnet Copthall) – 70-74 Years 800m Freestyle – 14:19.62
  • Janet Masters (South Beds) – 75-79 Years 200m Individual Medley – 4:07.05
  • Jenny Ball (Camp Hill Edwardians) – 75-79 Years 800m Freestyle – 16:41.13