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Change to Event Conditions for 2015

At the last meeting of the ASA Masters Technical Committee it was decided to change the condition defining the members of a relay team participating in the ASA National Masters and Senior Age Group Championships.

Currently, the 2014 Conditions say:

“A swimmer can compete as an individual for one club and as part of a relay team for that club or as part of a relay team for one other club provided that they are registered with the ASA as members of both clubs.

“A relay team with a swimmer competing for more than one club in the competition cannot be awarded a world record.”

The Masters Technical Committee understood that part of the Masters Community was unhappy about this condition as it could disadvantage some club teams.

The reason for the ‘two club rule’ was to enable more people to take part in relays. This has been a success in that the number of relay team entries has increased.

However, the condition is at variance with the FINA rules which state in the conditions for claiming a world record: “……Swimmers may swim for only one club at any particular meet”.

Notwithstanding the success of the condition at the 2014 Championships the Masters Technical Committee considered that it was imprudent not to comply with the FINA rules because by not complying an application for a World record could be jeopardised.

At the 2015 Championships, swimmers will only be able to swim for one club in the competition.

The Committee decided to revert to the previous condition and at the 2015 Championships swimmers will only be able to swim for one club in the competition.