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Coaching Masters swimmers

Anyone who has experienced both Masters and age group swimming will know training (and attitudes to training!) can vary greatly between the two.

But the differences don’t just stop at the swimmers. Masters coaches need to be equipped with a number of different skills to coach a Masters squad.

How are Masters swimmers different?

It may sound obvious, but a lot of the differences for Masters swimming coaches stem from the fact that you are coaching adults.

Unlike age group swimmers, the Masters squad are independent people who are choosing to be there.

Of course, this brings plenty of positives. The group will be listening to what you say and trying their hardest to improve. But they are also more like to take you to task over why you are doing things.

Another difference for coaches is addressing Masters swimmers’ targets. There are so many more achievements that your squad might be aiming for. Of course there will be swimmers who want to set PBs and win medals at competitions.

Others may not want to compete at all, just swim at the club for fun, and require different targets to reach.

Finding Training

While there isn’t currently an official Masters Coaching qualification, it is recommended that all Masters coaches have achieved at least a Level 1 Coaching Assistant qualification.

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