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Reynolds and Ware set European records on day two in Plymouth

Masters News

Two individual European records were set on day two of the British Masters Championships 2018 in Plymouth.

Barnet Copthall’s Mark Reynolds continued his strong weekend with a European record in the 400m Freestyle. The 55-59 Years swimmer posted 4:36.52 for the win. He then went on to lower the 100m Freestyle British record to 58.47.

Guildford’s Michelle Ware also set two more 45-49 Years records after lowering the 50m Freestyle British standard on day one.

The 45-year-old posted a European record 29.70 in the 50m Butterfly during the midday session, before swimming a British record 1:02.03 in the 100m Freestyle later in the day.

Doubling up on British records

In the 50m Breaststroke, two swimmers set their second British record of the meet. Ben Harkin (Warrington Masters) posted 30.34 in the 40-44 Years, while John Liron (Jersey), whose 50m Freestyle on day one also set a European standard, clocked 37.70 in the 70-74 Years.  Harkin then went on to add a third British record, this time in the 200m Breaststroke.

In the women’s 50m Breaststroke, Georgina Heyn (Teddington) lowered the 30-34 Years British record to 32.94, and Diane Ford (Spencer) lowered the 75-79 Years to 47.50.

In other events, Joan Edwards (Gateshead and Wickham) lowered the 400m Freestyle 60-64 Years British record to 5:27.17, while Peter Dixon (Tower Hamlet) set the 50-54 Years British marker in the men’s event, touching in 4:31.86 for the gold.

Battle of the relays

In the relay events, Gloucester Masters set a 280+ European record in the mixed 4x100m Freestyle with a time of 5:23.00. In the 72+ age group, Preston once again showed their dominance by lowering the British record to 3:51.20.

William Ritchie continued Preston’s record-breaking weekend with a British record 2:21.67 in the 18-24 Years 200m Breaststroke.