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Masters Conference Live Blog

sharonlockNovember 1, 20144:19 pm

Phillipa O’Grady’s question.

This seems to be a common problem, not every club but quite a few. Some ideas on aspects of this have come out of the focus groups this afternoon and there should be notes coming out about them. Also Rosemary Johnson was in on one of them (sitting behind me !)

sharonlockNovember 1, 20144:13 pm

Alistair Gibb’s question on use of the calendar.

There will be a new calendar page incorporated into the new masters hub. This should allow an easier process to add events. Then it is a question of encouraging event organisers to give their information as early as possible.

sharonlockNovember 1, 20142:25 pm

Craig Travis question on financial support for starting a masters club.
There is no facility for this within the ASA at the moment.
I do know that some town councils do give money for small local projects which might be a possibility for you.

sharonlockNovember 1, 201411:26 am

Paul Clemence’s question on schedules.
Steve is particularly interested in this as he has swimmers from 18 to 80, elite level to improving swimmers, channel, open water, fitness, triathletes, pool etc.
He does not have particular sessions dedicated to work such as aerobic or technique, or race pace etc. He knows that his masters all have jobs and families and so their attendance is unpredictable. So each session will aim to contain elements of all of these. He aims to ensure that the best swimmer in a session is well catered for down to the slowest.
One needs to be flexible (who turns up for the session) and have done a lot of preparative work. Probably the best thing is for Steve to give an example of his sessions. Probably have to add that later. You can also contact Steve Bratt through his club website

sharonlockNovember 1, 20149:57 am

Keith’s question on relays.

At the technical committee meeting yesterday it was decided that the new FINA ruling would be followed so that a person may only swim for one club at any particular meet and so they cannot swim for one club in a relay and another in an individual race.

An additional note to those teams that were disqualified at Swansea for undeclared relay swimmers, they will all get their money back. Some already have and others are still to get it.

sharonlockNovember 1, 20149:50 am

Good morning. This is Chris Jessup at the conference and it is my role to feed in answers to the questions raised. It may happen that extra information comes in for an answer and I will add that later. This software is new to me so hope it works out well.