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New Masters hub launches on

The ASA and British Swimming have launched a brand-new hub for all things Masters swimming.

Recent feedback on the old Masters section of the British Swimming site saw responses from “it’s a little confusing” to “it’s the worst website I’ve ever seen”.

So, dear Masters swimmers, we took action.

No longer will you get lost in complicated website navigation hell, struggling to find any of your favourite ‘r’s – results, rankings or records.

No longer will you be scratching your head, trying to work out whether to look for your Masters news on British Swimming or ASA.

It really is one site fits all. And it’s made especially for you.

But the new Masters hub isn’t just a collection of links – we want it to be a community for everyone.

  • Want to celebrate a teammate’s performance, brag about your own PB or just have a grumble about a Masters issue – share it on the notice board on our Community page and start a discussion.
  • Want to see a news item up on the Hub? Tell our dedicated Masters officer Sharon and she’ll make it happen before you can say ‘relay entry disqualified’.
  • Want to share a favourite training set or get some ideas from other Masters swimmers? Check out our Share A Swim section.