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Two clean sweeps for British swimmers at World Masters Championships

Great Britain swimmers enjoyed a clean sweep of the podium in two age groups on the penultimate day of the 2019 FINA World Masters Championships.

A total of 21 medals – eight gold, eight silver and five bronze – were won in the Men and Women’s 200m Breaststroke, 100m Backstroke and 200m Butterfly by Brits competing in Gwangju, South Korea.

In the Women’s 200m Breaststroke, Britain won every medal in both the 60-64 Years and 45-49 Years races.

Esther Iseppi, Spencer Swim Team, led the Brits home in the 60-64 age group in a time of 3.13.61.

That was 2.98 seconds ahead of her Spencer team mate Amanda Heath, who clocked 3:16,59 for second place, while Newcastle SwimTeam’s Verity Dobbie won the bronze In 3:30.43.

In the 45-49 Years category, City of Cardiff’s Helen Gorman set a competition record on her way to the title.

She clocked 2:46.62 to finish 6.06 seconds clear of Northampton Swimming Club’s Karen Key, who recorded 2:52.48 for the silver medal.

Team Anglia Swimming Club’s Lucy Ryan took third spot with a time of 2:57.01.

Only 0.19 seconds separated Witham Dolphins SC’s Hannah Ueckermann and Guildford’s Lynda Coggins in the 55-59 age group.

Ueckermann touched home first in 3:11.65, while Coggins had to settle for the silver for her time of 3:11.84.

Diane Ford set a new competition record as she won the 75-79 age group in 3:47.91.

Gold rush continues

In the Men’s 200m Breaststroke, City of Cardiff’s Chris Jones struck gold in the 35-39 age group in a time of 2:23.79, while Guildford’s David Bryant was a silver medallist in the 55-59 category after recording 2:53.90.

Helen Kula-Przezwanski claimed a world title as she was victorious in the 60-64 age group in the Women’s 100m Backstroke.

The Caradon SC swimmer clocked 1:21.66 to top the podium.

In the 55-59 age group, Chapletown SC’s Lynda Coggins was a silver medallist after finishing in 1:17.90.

There were also three bronze medals won by British swimmers in the Women’s 100m Backstroke.

Spencer Swim Team’s Grace Isaac was third in the 85-89 Years race.

That was a feat matched by her Spencer team-mate Kathleen Tunnicliffe in the 65-69 category as she clocked 1:32.24.

Portsmouth Northsea SC’s Ceri Edwards recorded 1:14.45 as she won bronze in the 40-44 years race.

In the Men’s 100m Backstroke, Thomas Hollingsworth finished second in the 30-34 age group.

The Beau Sejour Barracuda SC swimmer clocked 58.06.

Nicola Latty celebrated victory in the Women’s 200m Butterfly 45-49 Years contest.

The Holywell SC swimmer touched home in 2:34.06 to win the gold medal.

In the 35-39 Years race, Otter SC’s Hayley Davis finished second in 2:30.34.

Meanwhile, Eastbourne’s David Cumming was triumphant in the Men’s 200m Butterfly 80-84 race in 3:57.15.

Steve Folsom also won a medal in the 65-69 age group.

The Teddington SC swimmer took third place in 3:15.59.

British results – day six

Women’s 200m Breaststroke

75-79 age group

  • Diane Ford (Spencer Swim Team) GOLD 3:47.91
  • Elaine Bromwich (Birmingham Masters) 7th 5:34.26

65-69 age group

  • Christine Ayers (South Beds Masters SC) 4th 3:51.03
  • Sally Lelean (Diss Otters SC) 12th 4:30.17

60-64 age group

  • Esther Iseppi (Spencer Swim Team) GOLD 3:13.61
  • Amanda Heath (Spencer Swim Team) SILVER 3:16.59
  • Verity Dobbie (Newcastle Swim Team) BRONZE 3:30.43

55-59 age group

  • Hannah Ueckermann (Witham Dolphins SC) GOLD 3:11.65
  • Lynda Coggins (Guildford City Swimming Club) SILVER 3:11.84

50-54 age group

  • Kim Collins (Chirk) 10th 3:42.45

45-49 age group

  • Helen Gorman (City of Cardiff) GOLD 2:46.42
  • Karen Key (Northampton Swimming Club) SILVER 2:52.48
  • Lucy Ryan (Team Anglia Swimming Club) BRONZE 2:57.01

35-39 age group

  • Kitty Craig (Sudbury & District SC) 4th 3:07.78

Men’s 200m Breaststroke

70-74 Age Group

  • Chris Jessup (Salisbury Stingrays) 12th 4:13.67

60-64 Age Group

  • Nick Hunt (Chelmsford City SC) 10th 3:17.70

55-59 Age Group

  • David Bryant (Guildford City Swimming Club) SILVER 2:53.90
  • Cristian Rentsch (Spencer Swim Team) 7th 3:08.22
  • Adam Lelean (Diss Otters SC) 12th 3:25.31

45-49 Age Group

  • Keith Dunnett (Silver City Blues Masters SC) 9th 2:56.37

40-44 Age Group

  • Matthew Bale (Halstead Swimming Club) 21st 3:19.50

35-39 Age Group

  • Chris Jones (City of Cardiff) GOLD 2:23.79
  • Wade Rimbach (Otter SC) 12th 2:42.29
  • Enrico Hahn (Otter SC) 15th 2:44.52
  • Ross Turner (Rugby SC) 19th 2:49.03

30-34 Age Group

  • Gregory Du Tertre (Wycombe District SC) 7th 2:35.15
  • Matt Wan (Out to Swim) 16th 2:48.42

25-29 Age Group

  • Dean Heaps (Preston SC) 6th 2:31.36
  • Chris May (Ealing SC) 17th 3:00.64
  • Dontony Gill-Nasadi (Otter SC) 18th 3:00.96

100m Backstroke Women

85-89 Age Group

  • Grace Isaac (Spencer Swim Team) BRONZE 2:40.64

65-69 Age Group

  • Kathleen Tunnicliffe (Spencer Swim Team) BRONZE 1:32.24

60-64 Age Group

  • Helen Kula-Przezwanski (Caradon SC) GOLD 1:21.66

55-59 Age Group

  • Lynda Coggins (Guildford City Swimming Club) SILVER 1:17.90

50-54 Age Group

  • Lynne Dawson (Chapeltown SC) 10th 1:39.18

45-49 Age Group

  • Katrina Farrall (Basildon and Phoenix SC) 12th 1:21.14

40-44 Age Group

  • Ceri Edwards (Portsmouth Northsea SC) BRONZE 1:14.45

35-39 Age Group

  • Jade Perry (Lomond Swim Club) 5th 1:13.12

100m Backstroke Men

55-59 Age Group

  • Guy Emerson (Spencer Swim Team) 9th 1:16.66

50-54 Age Group

  • Guy Kitchen (Andover Swimming) 15th 1:22.31

45-49 age group

  • Greg Kahn (Spencer Swim Team) 4th 1:03.30

40-44 age group

  • Richard Hope (Guildford City Swimming Club) 7th 1:04.04

35-39 age group

  • Ross Turner (Rugby SC) 10th 1:0.97

30-34 age group

  • Thomas Hollingsworth (Beau Sejour Barracuda SC) SILVER 58.06
  • Gareth Fowler (Gerrards Cross Taper Tigers SC) 9th 1:08.61

200m Butterfly Women

65-69 age group

  • Christina Victor (Guildford City Swimming Club) 4th 3:57.07

60-64 age group

  • Sally Mills (Mid Sussex Marlins) 4th 3:27.58
  • Amanda Heath (Spencer Swim Team) 6th 3:32.47

45-49 age group

  • Nicola Latty (Holywell SC) GOLD 2:34.06

35-39 age group

  • Hayley Davis (Otter SC) SILVER 2:30.34
  • Kaira Redman (Kent Weald Swim Squad) 4th 2:48.22

200m Butterfly Men

80-84 age group

  • David Cumming (Eastbourne SC) GOLD 3:57.15

70-74 age group

  • Chris Jessup (Salisbury Stingrays) 6th 4:39.69

65-69 age group

  • Steve Folsom (Teddington SC) BRONZE 3:15.59

30-34 age group

  • Daniel John (Reading SC) 7th 2:19.94