Swimmers selected for 2021-22 Swim England Junior Squad

A group of 47 swimmers have been selected for the 2021-22 Swim England Junior Squad which will see the athletes preparing for future international competitions.

Areas such as learning arena skills, performance behaviours and racing philosophy are among the topics to be delivered on the programme.

On Wednesday 22 December, the team gathered virtually as they are inducted onto their first online engagement day. Olympian Max Litchfield joined as a guest to share his knowledge and attitude to obstacles with the athletes.

This is part of an overarching strategy to bring the team together virtually in the first instance, before multiple opportunities to train and race alongside one another in 2022.

One such opportunity will be competing at the Marseille International Meet in March 2022 or, alternatively, a bespoke open water event.

This approach will allow the swimmers to gain international and domestic racing experiences as well as additional online learning activities and support throughout the season.

A number of experienced coaches and support staff will be working with the squad to further their development and share key knowledge and insight.

These are Mike Taylor, Adam Naylor, Chris Littler, Dan Cocking, Dan Fogg, Greg King-Limb, Joe Stanford, Rachel Aldington, Roberto Pavoni, Craig Robertson, Hannah Stoyle, Tim Jarrett, and Jasmine Campbell.

‘Enhance the individuals’

Richard Blackshaw, Swim England head of swimming talent, said: “We are thrilled to be inviting such a talented and enthusiastic cohort of swimmers onto the Swim England Junior Squad for this season.

“The hybrid approach is designed to ensure that the learning they take away can be easily implemented in their home programmes and allows for collaboration with their home coaches.

“The opportunities the squad offers will aim to enhance those selected, both as athletes and individuals in the competition arena.”

Athletes selected for 2021-22 Junior Squad

  • Michael Adeney
  • Ashleigh Baillie
  • Henry Baker
  • Charlotte Bianchi
  • May Bradburn
  • Lauren Bradley-Holt
  • Sophie Bromley
  • Matthew Cairns
  • Iona Colbert
  • Alex Cooper
  • Joseph Deighan
  • Evie Dilley
  • Isaac Dodds
  • Ella Dyson
  • William Ellington
  • Lucy Fox
  • Harvey Freeman
  • Calvin Fry
  • Josh Gammon
  • Reece Grady
  • Samuel Greenbank
  • Pierce Greening
  • James Hart
  • Lucy Hedley
  • Robbie Hemmings
  • Aimee Hood
  • Caitlin Lansom
  • Fleur Lewis
  • Erin Little
  • Eva Okaro
  • Jevon Penny
  • Sienna Robinson
  • Reuben Rowbotham-Keating
  • Thomas Sansome
  • Leah Schlosshan
  • George Smith
  • Megan Speirs
  • Lara Thomson
  • Thomas Trebilcock
  • Sam van der Stroom
  • Beatrice Varley
  • Kaiden Welsby
  • Joshua Weston
  • Jacob Whibley
  • Elliot Woodburn
  • Matthew Woodhall
  • Beth Young