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Alex Peaty backs namesake Adam

When Adam Peaty steps up for the first of his breaststroke events in the Commonwealth Games on Friday, another A Peaty will be cheering him on back in England.

Thirteen-year-old Alexander Peaty, who swims for Wareham and District SC in Dorset, claims to be his near namesake’s biggest fan. And who would disagree?

He’s certainly proud to share a surname and initial with the greatest breaststroker on earth.

And he makes good use of it, walking around poolside with ‘A. Peaty’ on his T-shirt and diving in with the same name on his swim hat.

It has all made Alex something of a celebrity in his own right.

“People stop me on poolside and ask me about it,” he says. “When I tell them my name, they say it’s an amazing swimming name.

“We also hear people talking about it when they see my name on the programme.”

A Peaty swimmer

Best wishes

He added: “I am definitely Adam’s biggest fan and I’d love to meet him one day.

“I’ll be supporting him during the Commonwealth Games and also fly swimmer Jacob Peters, who goes to my school in Poole.”

Told about Alex, Adam said: “Please pass on my best wishes to Alexander and everyone at Wareham Swimming Club.”

Meanwhile, Adam’s mum, Caroline, is trying to find out if her son and Alex are related.

It’s possible as Alex’s late grandfather, James Henry Peaty, was born in Stoke-on-Trent, which is only a few miles from Uttoxeter, Adam’s home town.