Bedfordshire are an East region county who compete in Division Two of the County Team Championships.

Bedfordshire County shield
  • Division: Two
  • Last Year: 16th in Division Two (272.5 points)
  • Twitter: @BedfordshireASA
  • Honours: None

Roster 2018
100m Free
Lucy YoungModernian SC121:04.48
Harrison BristowModernian SC131:03.55
Ethan GellLinslade Crusaders Swimming Club1459.25
Ellie MatthewsPutteridge Swimming Club151:01.38
Celyn WalmsleyTeam Luton Swimming161:00.44
Nathan SwiftPutteridge Swimming Club1755.58
100m Back
Ella StoneBiggleswade SC121:12.47
Jack HillLinslade Crusaders Swimming Club131:08.29
Autumn HandscombeFlitwick Dolphins SC141:08.84
Walter HackettDunstable SC151:00.28
Emma ShoobertBiggleswade SC161:07.69
Jack SangsterModernian SC171:00.86
100m Breast
Jessica WatsonModernian SC131:21.02
Benjamin AshdownModernian SC131:18.49
Rhys DavidsonTeam Luton Swimming141:10.93
Ellie MatthewsPutteridge Swimming Club151:15.38
Celyn WalmsleyTeam Luton Swimming161:16.69
William RichardsDunstable SC171:09.52
100m Fly
Francesca BaberFlitwick Dolphins SC121:12.12
Benjamin AshdownModernian SC131:16.71
Rachel AndrewsBiggleswade SC141:10.81
Sam TownsendBiggleswade SC141:02.18
Lauren ThomasBiggleswade SC161:07.74
James McFarlandFlitwick Dolphins SC171:00.64
Olivia Newman-BaroniusPutteridge Swimming Club11
Louise DonaghyModernian SC13
Billy KnibbLinslade Crusaders Swimming Club13
Daniel MillerLinslade Crusaders Swimming Club13
JJ WildePutteridge Swimming Club14
Sophie MabbsPutteridge Swimming Club15
Amber HillLinslade Crusaders Swimming Club16