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ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:07 am

Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of the first Commonwealth Games 2018 swimming finals.

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:10 am

If you missed this morning’s action, it’s been an eventful first day for Team England at the Optus Aquatic Arena

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:12 am

Team England’s swimmers made a solid start on the Gold Coast with 17 progressing from this morning’s heats to the semi-finals and finals

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:14 am

But there was disappointment for Ben Proud, who was disqualified from the 50m Butterfly for a false start

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:16 am

Proud and Team England appealed against the decision but it was upheld by an independent panel. However, he’s at the pool to support his team-mates at today’s finals

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:20 am

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:23 am

The first final taking place this morning at 10.37am UK time is the women’s 400m Individual Medley – Aimee Willmott and Abbie Wood will be in action for Team England

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:29 am

Willmott qualified in a time of 4:39.19 and will be in lane five, while Wood’s time of 4:44.39 means she will be swimming in lane eight

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:35 am

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ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:36 am

The swimmers are entering a packed Optus Aquatic Arena for the women’s 400m IM final

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:38 am

Willmott won a silver medal in the 400m IM at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow – will she make a return to the podium here?

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:38 am

And they’re off…

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:39 am

Canada’s Sarah Darcel leading after the first 100m

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:40 am

Darcel still ahead after 200m – but Willmott up to second place following the backstroke

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:42 am

100m to go and Willmott leads – 0.18 seconds ahead of Scotland’s defending champion Hannah Miley

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:42 am

50m to go and Miley has taken the lead

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:42 am

GOLD for Aimee Willmott!

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:43 am

She touched home first in 4:34.90 to take England’s first gold of the Commonwealth Games – brilliant swim from Aimee

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:44 am

Hannah Miley finished second – 0.26 seconds behind in 4:35.16

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:45 am

Third was Australia’s Blair Evans in 4:28.23

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:45 am

Abbie Wood finished sixth in 4:40.55

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:46 am

What a start for Team England in the pool – Willmott went one better than Glasgow to clinch the gold medal. Now its James Guy’s turn in the men’s 400m Freestyle final.

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:47 am

He qualified in a time of 3:50.23 and will be in lane two

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:48 am

Guy leads after the first 50m

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:49 am

After 100m, Guy is still ahead and is 1.37 seconds under world record pace. Can he keep it up?

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:50 am

Half way through the 400m Freestyle final and Guy still leads – 1.14 seconds ahead of the current world record

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:50 am

This is a brilliant effort from Guy – he still leads with 100m to go

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:51 am

Australia’s Mack Horton in front with 50m to go – but Guy can still win a medal

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:51 am

BRONZE for James Guy

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:53 am

Guy won bronze at Glasgow 2014 and repeats that in Australia

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:54 am

Olympic champion Mack Horton took gold in 3:43.76 with his Australia team-mate Jack McLoughlin second in 3:45.21 – just ahead of Guy in 3:45.32

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:57 am

Two finals and two medals for Team England – brilliant start. Aimee Willmott about to receive her gold medal

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 20189:58 am

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:01 am

Aimee looks very emotional Jerusalem rings around the Optus Aquatic Arena

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:05 am

Aimee has followed in the footsteps of her mum, Jackie, who won a gold medal in the 4x100m Freestyle relay at the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:09 am

The moment you realise you’re a Commonwealth Games champion

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:09 am

The women’s 200m Freestyle final has started – Ellie Faulkner and Holly Hibbott competing in this one

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:09 am

Faulkner is third after 100m

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:10 am

It’s not a third medal for Team England – Faulkner has to settle for fourth place

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:11 am

Canada’s Taylor Ruck set a new Games record as she won gold in 1:54.81

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:13 am

Australia’s Ariarne Titmus and Emma McKeon were second and third in 1:54.85 and 1:56.26 respectively

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:14 am

Faulkner finished in 1:57.72 in fourth ahead of Hibbott who was fifth in 1.58:55

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:14 am

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:15 am

James Guy is receiving his bronze medal

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:16 am

Next it’s the turn of Tom Hamer in the Men’s S14 200m Freestyle final

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:19 am

James gives one lucky fan a souvenir after throwing the cuddly toy he was presented with at the medal ceremony into the crowd

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:21 am

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:22 am

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:22 am

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:24 am

Here is the full story of Aimee Willmott winning gold in the 400m Individual Medley final

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:26 am

Hamer leads after 100m

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:26 am

Hamer is 2.29 seconds under the world record pace with 50m to go

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:27 am

GOLD for Hamer in a world record time of 1:55.88

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:28 am

Brilliant swim from Hamer and it’s Team England’s third swimming medal

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:29 am

Australia’s Liam Schluter and Daniel Fox were second and third in 1:56.23 and 1:58.26 respectively

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:30 am

Ellie Robinson is up next in the women’s S7 50m Butterfly final

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:32 am

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:32 am

Robinson starts as the favourite – can she take the gold?

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:33 am

GOLD for Robinson

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:33 am

Ellie is in tears in the pool as she realises she is a Commonwealth Games champion

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:34 am

She finished in 35.72 – six-tenths under her lifetime best

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:35 am

Canada’s Sarah Mehain was second behind Ellie in 37.69

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:36 am

Time for a couple of medal ceremonies – first it’s the women’s 200m Freestyle and then Tom Hamer will collect his gold for winning the men’s S14 200m Freestyle

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:44 am

Tom Hamer about to enter the Optus Aquatic Arena to collect his gold medal

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:48 am

Been an impressive morning for Team England so far – three gold medals and a bronze and there’s still two finals to go today

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:48 am

Tom Hamer is presented with his gold medal by the Prince of Wales

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:49 am

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:52 am

Now it’s time for semi-final action – first up we have the men’s 50m butterfly races. Going for Team England in the first semi-final is Jacob Peters

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:53 am

Peters will be in lane three after qualifying in a time of 24.19 earlier this morning

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:57 am

Peters finishes fourth in 24.05 – will it be enough for him to qualify for tomorrow’s final? Semi-final two coming up

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201810:59 am

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:01 am

Chad Le Clos wins the second semi-final in 23.53

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:02 am

Jacob Peters’ time of 24.05 is enough to see him reach tomorrow’s 50m Butterfly final – he was seventh fastest

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:02 am

Now it’s the women’s 50m Breaststroke semi-finals

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:03 am

Molly Renshaw is in lane eight for the first semi-final

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:04 am

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:06 am

Renshaw finishes in eighth place in 32.18

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:07 am

In the second semi-final, Jocelyn Ulyett and Sarah Vasey are in lanes one and four respectively

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:09 am

Jane Nickerson, Swim England’s CEO, is enjoying the action at the Optus Aquatic Arena. She said: “Very excited. Three golds and one bronze in five races. Lots of atmosphere in the stadium.”

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:10 am

Vasey finishes second in 30.75. Ulyett was seventh in 31.96

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:11 am

Vasey is in tomorrow’s final but Ulyett and Renshaw both miss out

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:12 am

Ellie Robinson will now pick up her gold medal

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:14 am

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:17 am

Ellie full of emotion as she listens to Jerusalem with her gold medal proudly around her neck

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:17 am

More semi-final action next as Luke Greenbank and Elliot Clogg go for Team England in the men’s 100m Backstroke

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:18 am

Greenbank clocked 54.62 in this morning’s heat and goes in lane four in semi-final one

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:19 am

Clogg’s time of 55.08 puts him in lane three in the second semi-final

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:25 am

Greenbank finishes second in 54.54 – a new lifetime best

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:30 am

Clogg finished sixth in 55.42

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:32 am

That wasn’t enough for Clogg to go through – but Greenbank was fifth fastest to qualify for tomorrow’s final

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:33 am

Now we’re heading into the last two semi-finals of the day – the women’s 100m Butterfly

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:34 am

Emily Large is in lane eight for the first semi-final – she clocked 1:00.46 this morning in the heats

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:34 am

And Laura Stephens is in lane seven after finishing in 59.68 in the heats

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:36 am

Large finished seventh in 59.96 and Stephens came home eighth in a time of 1:00.18

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:38 am

After the second 100m Butterfly semi-final, it will be medal action again with the final two events of the day

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:40 am

James Wilby and Andrew Willis will be taking part in the men’s 200m Breaststroke final before Siobhan-Marie O’Connor, Freya Anderson, Anna Hopkin and Ellie Faulkner go in the women’s 4x100m Freestyle relay final

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:41 am

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:45 am

Time for the men’s 200m Breaststroke final – Wilby is lane three after clocking 2:10.07 in the semi-final, while Willis is in lane six following his time of 2:10.52

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:49 am

Wilby leads with 50m to go

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:49 am

GOLD for Wilby

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:50 am

Wilby came from nowhere with 100m to go to beat defending champion Ross Murdoch by 0.27 seconds

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:50 am

Andrew Willis finished fourth in 2:09.31

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:51 am

Wilby’s time was 2:08.05, Murdoch second in 2:08.32 and Australia’s Matt Wilson in 2:08.64

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:52 am

So, Team England’s swimming medal tally now stands at four golds and one bronze – with just the women’s 4x100m Freestyle relay to go

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:54 am

Team England are in lane three with Siobhan-Marie O’Connor leading the team off

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:55 am

England second after the first 50m

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:55 am

Canada lead after 100m, Australia second and England third

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:57 am

Australia well ahead after 200m – England still hold third place with Anna Hopkin swimming the third leg

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:57 am

Ellie Faulkner swimming the last leg for England

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:57 am

Australia lead, Canada second, England third with 50m to go

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:58 am

Australia take gold in a world record time of 3:30.05

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:58 am

Canada take silver and it’s a bronze for England

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:59 am

Canada finished in 3:33.92 with England clocking 3:38.40

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201811:59 am

But it’s been an incredible day for Team England in the pool – four golds and two bronze medals

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201812:00 pm

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201812:04 pm

James Wilby now being presented with his 200m Breaststroke gold medal

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201812:12 pm

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201812:14 pm

What an amazing day for Team England in the pool. Fingers crossed for more of the same tomorrow

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201812:16 pm

And the last action of the evening sees Team England receiving their bronze medal for the women’s 4x100m Freestyle relay

ianwhadcoatApril 5, 201812:26 pm

That’s all for today – please join us for the live blog tomorrow when another nine gold medals will be won.