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Swimmers selected for 2023-24 National Youth Development Programme

A new cohort of swimmers have joined the Swim England National Youth Development Programme (NYDP) for 2023-24 after an induction day in Loughborough.

More than 90 athletes have been selected for the programme, which is the fourth step on the Swim England Talent Pathway.

This stage of the pathway is for 14-15-year-old swimmers and para-swimmers to continue to develop their technical and tactical race skills and improve their race day performance.

Swimmers were chosen following their impressive performances throughout the 2022-23 season, delivering great swims on the highest stages at the British Summer Championships and Swim England’s National Summer Meet.

The ultimate goal of the talent programme is to continue their development to help ‘guarantee the delivery of quality English swimmers and coaches on to British Swimming’s World Class Programmes’.

Last weekend, the group were welcomed with an induction camp at Loughborough College which focused on a number of key areas including reflective practice, utilising resources such as UKAD and understanding the role a support network can play in their development.

The day was split into four different workshops where the athletes and parents got the opportunity to hear from Swim England Talent staff and Olympic bronze medallist, Cassandra Patten.

The Beijing 2008 medallist shared her experiences in the sport and spoke about her journey, successes and challenges throughout her career.

Diane Elliot, Swim England’s sports science and sports medicine manager, then delivered an educational and interactive session for athletes on UKAD before Swim England National Talent Officers, Tom McManus and Carl Cooper, led a session on goal setting and reflective practice.

Parents also got the opportunity to hear from Tom and Carl who provided them with information and guidance on how they can help support their child’s journey.

A number of camps are set to take place throughout the year as the season gets underway, with athletes also taking part in regular educational sessions and competitions across the next 12 months.

Swimmers selected for the Swim England National Youth Development Programme 2023-24

  • Reuben Alty, Millfield
  • Matilda Ashcroft, City of Leeds
  • Harry Arnold-Pepper, Royston SC
  • Julianna Babbington, Plymouth Leander
  • Oliver Baskerville, Hatfield SC
  • Alicia Bethell, Wycombe District
  • Daniel Belsey, Hatfield SC
  • Oscar Bellinger, Salisbury Stingrays
  • Thomas Belt, Penzance
  • Sophie Benn, Mount Kelly
  • Maisie Brown, Rushmoor Royals
  • Noah Burden, Satellites Swimming Club
  • Hazel-Anne Carter, Wycombe District
  • Vanesa Cimermanova, City of Peterborough
  • Eloise Cole, Modernian SC
  • Ava Cook, City of Sheffield
  • Charlotte Cope, Guildford City
  • Cait Cotter, Chelmsford
  • Jamie Curtis, City of Bristol
  • Rio Daodu, KingstonHull
  • Zachariah Dale, Newcastle Swim Team
  • Akaash Das, Oswestry Otters
  • Roger Davis, Soundwell
  • George Daintith, Warrington Warriors
  • Morgan Davies, Guildford City
  • Oliver Davis-Tootill, Rotherham Metro
  • Orlando Dearing, City of Peterborough
  • Santino Del Real, Chelsea&Westminster
  • Eve Doherty, City of Sheffield
  • Alessandro D’Onofrio, TigersharksW
  • Max El-Mokadem, RTW Monson
  • Gabrielle Freeman, Morpeth
  • Ellie Freeze, Sutton Cheam
  • Jessica Gable, RTW Monson
  • Ines Guimond-Beetham, Camden Swiss
  • Emma Hagberg, Reed’s School
  • Marcus Haigh, Wycombe District
  • Ivy Haggerty, Thanet Swim
  • Isabella Haynes, Swim Bournemouth
  • Kerry Hennie, Warrington Warriors
  • Lily Herring, Norfolk Vikings
  • Jessica Huggins, Poole
  • Gabrielle Idle-Beavers, Mount Kelly
  • Thomas Jennings, Portsmouth Northsea
  • Owen Johnson, Repton
  • Matthew Just, City of Leeds
  • Martyna Karabacz, Chelsea & Westminster
  • Ethan Kelly, City of Liverpool
  • Joshua Keogh, Bolton Metro
  • Evie Lambert, Borough of Kirklees
  • Katie Lee, City of Salford
  • Isobel Liptrot, Wigan
  • Alyssa Lo, City of Leicester
  • Finley Lowe, City of Birmingham
  • Hugh Mason-Williams, City of Birmingham
  • Katherine Noble, Newcastle
  • Ollie O’Connor, Putteridge
  • Emilia Oliver, RTW Monson
  • Edward Ormsby, City of Cambridge
  • Aidan Orpin, Sutton Cheam
  • James Page, City of Birmingham
  • Oliver Parry, Aquabears
  • Lucy Parsons, City of Liverpool
  • Llewellyn Porter, Camden Swiss
  • Matilda Potter, City of Leeds
  • Emma Price, Borough of Stockton
  • Connie Ratley, Colchester
  • Daniel Ransom, City of Leeds
  • Maddison Rens, Crosby
  • Ethan Richards-Knight, Chalfont
  • Amber Rigg, Cockermouth
  • Isla Roberts, Hackney
  • Lacey Roberts, Plymouth Leander
  • Edward Robinson, Chelsea & Westminster
  • Niamh Savory, Newcastle
  • Ralph Sereki, Mount Kelly
  • Gabriel Shephard, City of Leeds
  • Charles Simpson, Plymouth Leander
  • Indigo Spence, Chelsea & Westminster
  • Jamie Steadman, Clevedon
  • Samuel Sterry, TigersJersey
  • Isaac Thompson, TigersJersey
  • William Tonks, Boldmere
  • Ben Uff, Mount Kelly
  • Holly Whaymand, Maxwell
  • Abigail Wickens, Flitwick
  • Ella Williams, Swindon
  • Samuel Williams, Wycombe District
  • Emma Wood, City of Leeds
  • Alice Young, Guildford City
  • Hugo Young, Poole