Nottinghamshire are an East Midlands county who were runners-up in the County Team Champs in 2018 and third in Division One in 1977, 1979, 1983 and 1988.

Nottinghamshire County shield
  • Division: One
  • Last Year: 2nd in Division Two (444 points)
  • Honours: Third in 1977, 1979, 1983, 1988; Division Two Runners-up 2006, 2018; Third in Division Two 2004, 2010

Roster 2019
100m Free
Marija RomanovskajaBassetlaw Swim Squad161:00.55
Alfie SilverNova Centurion SC1759.71
Freya ColbertNova Centurion SC1956.43
Tom TruemanNova Centurion SC1952.84
Joseph SadlerNova Centurion SC2052.81
Rebecca FlisherNova Centurion SC2159.00
100m Back
Alfie SilverNova Centurion SC171:06.34
Rose DickersonNova Centurion SC171:08.55
Max DaviesNova Centurion SC181:03.82
Freya ColbertNova Centurion SC191:02.24
Joshua SkinnerNova Centurion SC2058.69
Rebecca FlisherNova Centurion SC211:06.82
100m Breast
Marija RomanovskajaBassetlaw Swim Squad161:17.82
Cameron BreedonCalverton and Bingham SC171:17.41
Kate MorrisNova Centurion SC181:16.38
Luke DerivanNova Centurion SC191:09.63
Elspeth MoranCalverton and Bingham SC201:17.46
Thomas WhiteNova Centurion SC211:07.79
100m Fly
Evie JohnsonNova Centurion SC161:10.15
Oliver SilverNova Centurion SC171:07.80
Kate MorrisNova Centurion SC181:04.39
Kyle MerryweatherRadford SC191:00.78
Joseph SadlerNova Centurion SC2058.57
Natasha UtleyBassetlaw Swim Squad201:05.44
Daniel Oyaide-NichollsNova Centurion SC16
Alicia ClarkBassetlaw Swim Squad17
Jessica WrightNova Centurion SC17
Lewes ShorthoseNova Centurion SC17
Isaac SmithWorksop Dolphins SC17
Jessica LiNottingham Leander SC18
Heidi MarriottNova Centurion SC18
Finley EllisNottingham Leander SC18
Callum KettlewellBassetlaw Swim Squad19
Malachy McguinnessBassetlaw Swim Squad20
Kyra MacdonaldArnold SC21