There’s no need to panic and make drastic changes to your diet

Swim England Performance nutritionist Jasmine Campbell has advised athletes not to panic or make drastic changes to their diet due to a reduced amount of training.

In the first of a series of videos, Jasmine says there is no need to cut down on the amount of food you eat simply because you’re unable to train as regularly due to pools being closed.

She said: “I want to talk to athletes about supporting their nutritional needs during this unprecedented time.

“The first and probably most important thing to do is not to panic. You might not be doing as much training as normal but this does not mean that you should be reducing what you’re eating by a lot – especially if you are not an adult and you’re still growing.”

Jasmine also stresses the importance of protein in your diet – as well as keeping your meals colourful.

Consume regular feeds of protein

“Increase the amount of vegetables on your plate,” she said. “Support your muscles by consuming regular feeds of protein. It helps some people feel more full than a snack or a meal.

“It’s still okay for you to eat snacks but do think about what would be better choices – foods like yoghurts, fresh fruit or nuts are a good idea.

“Recover with foods and fluids. Eat soon after your home training sessions and make sure you include some carbohydrates.

“And make sure you have a routine that fits in with your nutrition.”

Jasmine will be sending regular updates, including recipe videos – giving you the perfect chance to expand your kitchen skills.