Oxfordshire & North Bucks

Oxfordshire & North Bucks are an South East county who were third in Division Two in 1999 and 2011.

Oxfordshire & North Bucks County shield
  • Division: One
  • Last Year: 11th in Division One (312 points)
  • Twitter: @OxonBucksASA
  • Honours: Third in Division Two 1999, 2011

Roster 2018
100m Free
Sophie GovanWelsh Individual Member131:02.65
Sunni JohnsonWantage White Horses1458.44
Evie McLeanCity Of Oxford SC1557.78
Jamie HanssCity Of Milton Keynes1653.85
Yasmin TajalliCity Of Oxford SC1858.10
Miles DrabwellCity Of Milton Keynes1853.74
100m Back
Sophie GovanWelsh Individual Member131:07.11
Harry Wynne-JonesCity Of Milton Keynes131:10.45
Mimi Morley IszattCity Of Oxford SC161:01.88
Nicholas SkeltonCity Of Oxford SC1657.92
Emily FordCity Of Oxford SC171:03.04
Daniel JenkinsCity Of Oxford SC1855.91
100m Breast
Gracie HudsonMaxwell SC131:14.19
Sunni JohnsonWantage White Horses141:12.11
Illizane PinfoldCity Of Oxford SC151:13.66
Billy WottonCity Of Oxford SC161:06.59
Aiyana LawsonCity Of Milton Keynes181:10.37
Arnold MartonCity Of Oxford SC181:05.99
100m Fly
Gracie HudsonMaxwell SC131:10.79
Harry Wynne-JonesCity Of Milton Keynes131:07.71
Charlotte Wynne-JonesCity Of Milton Keynes161:02.25
Nicholas SkeltonCity Of Oxford SC1659.86
Emily FordCity Of Oxford SC171:02.50
Arnold MartonCity Of Oxford SC181:00.65
Ellen BagleyCity Of Oxford SC13
Bethan LillistoneAbingdon Vale SC13
Isabelle FordMaxwell SC14
Leons GeicunsCity Of Milton Keynes14
Christopher SkeltonCity Of Oxford SC14
Safiya SillahCity Of Oxford SC15
Tiana PorterCity Of Oxford SC16
Geo RatoulyCity Of Oxford SC16
James BunyardWitney & District SC17
Alexander MeijerNewport Pagnell SC17
Elliot JonesCity Of Milton Keynes18