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Para-swimming Talent coaches host ‘informative and educational’ Zoomcasts

Swim England Para-swimming Talent coaches will host a series of ‘informative and educational’ Zoomcasts for the whole aquatics community.

Following the success of releasing Zoomcasts to athletes on the Swim England Talent Programme during the national lockdown, coaches Carl Cooper and Tom McManus are continuing to produce the Zoomcasts which will now be more widely available.

A range of topics will be covered, such as the England Para-swimming Talent Programme, athlete development, parent and athlete journey, coach development and more.

The aim is to create awareness of the para-swimming pathway, provide reviews and discussions of talent camp deliveries, guidance on athlete development and share experiences of athletes, parents and coaches.

Tom said: “Carl and I wanted to provide our talent athletes with additional support during lockdown and we felt that evolving our podcasts into Zoomcasts would work well because athletes can listen, watch and we can share presentations, pictures and videos.

“This makes it more informative, fun and adaptable to different learning styles. The Zoomcasts were well received by athletes, parents and coaches from our talent programme, who said they were able to watch or listen at home in their free time or when doing other activities such as house work.”

Carl added: “We enjoy making these Zoomcasts and we want people to enjoy watching, but we also want athletes, parents and coaches to take something away from them to help in their development and their journey.

“They will be informative, educational, for both para and able-bodied athletes, but delivered in a casual conversation style which we hope everyone will be able to relate to.”

The first topic, scientific principles, has already been recorded and is available below or via YouTube.

Scientific Principles (Part 1)

Scientific Principles (Part 2)