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Swim England juniors shine in Luxembourg with impressive medal haul

Swim England’s talented young swimmers have returned home from Luxembourg with an impressive medal haul after a successful weekend at the Euro Meet 2020.

Honey Osrin, Brodie Williams, Leah Crisp and Jacob Greenow were among the senior Swim England Performance Squad medallists, while Winchester City Penguins duo Kayla van der Merwe and Imogen Clark both won gold.

Osrin won four individual medals, taking silver in the 200m Backstroke and bronze in the 100m Backstroke.

The Plymouth Leander swimmer was also crowned junior champion in both events.

Williams, who was part of the British team at the 2019 European Short Course Championships in Glasgow, won bronze in both the Men’s 100m and 200m Backstroke.

Crisp also won two bronze medals – in the Women’s 800m and 1500m Freestyle – while Greenow won bronze in the Men’s 400m Medley.

Meanwhile, Will Bell, Sophie Freeman, Cameron Brooker and Swim England South East duo Ella Dyson and Illizane Penfold all won junior medals.

Eva Okaro, Joshua Weston and Sammy Tucker added youth medals for the South East region.

Kayla continues to shine

Van der Merwe continued to step up at senior level, winning gold in the Women’s 100m Breaststroke and silver in the 200m Breaststroke.

The Winchester City Penguins swimmer was just over one second outside of her personal best in the 100m final as she clocked 1:08.59 to finish joint first alongside Dane Matilde Schroeder.

Van der Merwe, who made her senior international debut in 2019, also won the 50m Breaststroke B final in 32.50 seconds.

Her team-mate Imogen Clark won the A final, cruising to gold in 30.95 seconds.

Ben Proud narrowly missed out on a medal in the Men’s 50m Freestyle, finishing only 0.07 seconds outside the podium places.

Proud was fourth as he watched Energy Standard team-mate Florent Manaudou break his meet record.

The Commonwealth champion withdrew from the 50m Butterfly.

Leicester Sharks’ Michaella Glenister also impressed as she won silver in the Women’s 1500m Freestyle and bronze in the Women’s 400m Medley.

Nova Centurion’s Freya Colbert took home four junior medals, including silver in the Women’s 1500m Freestyle and the Women’s 200m Medley.

Euro Meet 2020 results

  • Honey Osrin (Swim England)
    BRONZE & JUNIOR GOLD, Women’s 100m Backstroke
    SILVER & JUNIOR GOLD, Women’s 200m Backstroke
  • Brodie Williams (Swim England)
    BRONZE, Men’s 100m Backstroke
    BRONZE, Men’s 200m Backstroke
  • Leah Crisp (Swim England)
    BRONZE, Women’s 800m Freestyle
    BRONZE, Women’s 1500m Freestyle
  • Jacob Greenow (Swim England)
    BRONZE, Men’s 400m Medley
  • Ella Dyson (Swim England South East)
    JUNIOR GOLD, Women’s 1500m Freestyle
  • Will Bell (Swim England)
    JUNIOR BRONZE, Men’s 200m Medley
  • Sophie Freeman (Swim England)
    JUNIOR GOLD, Women’s 200m Butterfly
  • Cameron Brooker (Swim England)
    JUNIOR SILVER, Men’s 200m Backstroke
  • Eva Okaro (Swim England South East)
    YOUTH GOLD, Women’s 50m Freestyle
    YOUTH SILVER, Women’s 100m Freestyle
    YOUTH SILVER, Women’s 50m Butterfly
    YOUTH SILVER, Women’s 100m Butterfly
  • Illizane Pinfold (Swim England South East)
    JUNIOR SILVER, Women’s 50m Breaststroke
    JUNIOR BRONZE, Women’s 100m Breaststroke
  • Joshua Weston (Swim England South East)
    YOUTH SILVER, Men’s 1500m Freestyle
  • Sammy Tucker (Swim England South East)
    YOUTH SILVER, Men’s 100m Butterfly
    YOUTH SILVER, Men’s 200m Butterfly
    YOUTH SILVER, Men’s 200m Freestyle
  • Kayla van der Merwe (Winchester City Penguins)
    GOLD, Women’s 100m Breaststroke
    SILVER, Women’s 200m Breaststroke
  • Imogen Clark (Winchester City Penguins)
    GOLD, Women’s 50m Breaststroke
  • Ciara Schlosshan (City of Leeds)
    SILVER, Women’s 200m Butterfly
  • Michaella Glenister (Leicester Sharks)
    SILVER, Women’s 1500m Freestyle
    BRONZE, Women’s 400m Medley
  • Freya Colbert (Nova Centurion)
    JUNIOR BRONZE, Women’s 400m Freestyle
    JUNIOR BRONZE, Women’s 800m Freestyle
    JUNIOR SILVER, Women’s 1500m Freestyle
    JUNIOR SILVER, Women’s 200m Medley
  • Millie Boulding (City of Leeds)
    YOUTH SILVER, Women’s 1500m Freestyle
  • Kasja Rickelton (City of Leeds)
    YOUTH BRONZE, Women’s 50m Breaststroke
  • Sasha Long (City of Leeds)
    YOUTH SILVER, Women’s 200m Butterfly
  • Freya Johnson (City of Leeds)
    YOUTH BRONZE, Women’s 200m Butterfly
  • Nicole Ricci (Plymouth Leander)
    JUNIOR SILVER, Women’s 400m Freestyle
    JUNIOR SILVER, Women’s 800m Freestyle
  • Robbie Hemmings (Poole)
    YOUTH GOLD, Men’s 50m Backstroke
    YOUTH SILVER, Men’s 100m Backstroke
    YOUTH SILVER, Men’s 200m Backstroke
  • Oskar Priesemann (Winchester City Penguins)
    YOUTH SILVER, Men’s 400m Freestyle
    YOUTH SILVER, Men’s 800m Freestyle
    YOUTH SILVER, Men’s 400m Medley
  • Liam Dawson (Nova Centurion)
    YOUTH BRONZE, Men’s 1500m Freestyle
    YOUTH BRONZE, Men’s 400m Medley