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Swim England changes guidance on period wear at its licensed meets

Swim England has relaxed its guidance around period wear at all levels of its licensed meets.

The Swim England Swimming Leadership Group had been asked to reconsider the guidance around period wear suits which swimmers wear.

The aim is to address the confusion between World Aquatics Rules and making the sport accessible.

In some instances, period wear could be considered ‘illegal’ at competitive events.

The revised period wear guidance states that specific period pants can be worn during training or competitions held under Swim England Laws and Regulations.

However, it does not allow athletes to wear two full swimming costumes in line with the World Aquatics Rule.

The period wear guidance is only applicable to events held under Swim England Laws and Regulations.

Competitions organised by British Swimming, Scottish Swimming and Swim Wales are not covered by this guidance.

Give athletes confidence

Claire Coleman, Swim England head of development, said the revision follows feedback from the community on how the guidance was being used.

she said: “Having been asked to consider adapting our guidance, we’re pleased to make these changes to support the participation of women and girls.

“It will open up competitive swimming to more athletes and give them the confidence to enter events knowing they won’t be challenged by the officials.

“However, we still need to ensure that there is fair and even competition for all participants so suits which may enhance the performance of a swimmer will not be permitted.”

All swim suits worn in competition must be made of a textile material which compiles with the current World Aquatic rules.

With regards period wear, if a technical official spots a second layer this should only be reported to the referee if they believe the swimmer is wearing a full second suit.

Athletes who are looking to set records must be fully compliant with World Aquatics swimsuit laws, which do not allow the wearing of two swimsuits or layers at any time.

To download the guidance, please click here.