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Building resilience and creating a personal highlight reel

Facing challenge is a part of life and resilience is a key quality to build.

Following on from their ‘performance profile’ video, Swim England sports psychologists Hannah Stoyel and Helen Davis have created a resource to help you improve your resilience.

To do this, the pair suggest creating your own personal highlight reel.

After watching this video, scroll further down the page to see a three-step guide on how to produce your highlight reel.

How to create your personal highlight reel

  • Step one: Write down some of the things in your life that you are proud of. Add pictures and stories where possible.
  • Step two: Circle the highlights that involved a challenge that you had to overcome.
  • Step three: Then list what skills, actions and personal characteristics you used to overcome these challenges. Think about which of these you can build on to use again in the future.

Building resilience is ongoing. Build it now to help you in the future.