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Five-point roadmap created for ‘safe and effective’ return to swimming competitions

Swim England has created a five-point roadmap outlining a ‘safe and effective’ route to returning to swimming competitions.

The recognised national governing body has confirmed it is currently at stage three of the pathway following the launch of Level X Racing.

Dates for advancing to stages four and five have yet to be confirmed but the next steps have been detailed to ensure clubs are ready for a return to competition as swiftly as the situation allows.

George Wood, Swim England Development Director, said: “The return to competition for swimming is a vital component of our sport that motivates and inspires our athletes, coaches, volunteers and clubs.

“We have focused on enabling a return to competition for all of our members, stimulating activity within clubs and then at local level in the first instance.

“We are also very aware that whilst some clubs have been training for some time, others are not yet back in the water. To that end we have developed as flexible an approach as possible.

“We have also identified the need to demonstrate to participants, workforce and operators that our events can be delivered safely and effectively in a Covid-secure manner.

“At the minute, we are operating in uncertain times and therefore it must be stressed that our plans are provisional and subject to change.

Changing situation

“We are keen to enable competition to take place as soon as it can and ideally would like events such as Regional and National competition in 2021 to take place as normally planned.

“Because of the current changing situation, though, it is extremely challenging to predict with any certainty when we can move to Stages 4 and 5.

“However, our expectation is that we will not move to Stage 4 before January 2021, although that could be later dependent on the national situation.

“The Swimming Leadership Group will monitor this situation on an ongoing basis and we will be communicating regularly with members and stakeholders to ensure a safe and effective return to competition as swiftly as the situation allows.”

To view the five-point roadmap, click here.