Angharad Evans wins bronze as Swim England youngsters make strides in Nice

Angharad Evans won a bronze medal to lead a successful performance from Swim England’s youngsters at the FFN Golden Tour meet in Nice.

Competing against some of France’s Olympic hopefuls and swimmers from across the world – including Hungarian legend Katinka Hosszu – the 20 Swim England athletes showed great maturity in what was a first senior international competition for some.

Sixteen members of the squad earned a second swim in at least one event, with the meet split into A, B and junior finals.

Evans picked up the team’s sole senior medal, finishing third in a tight 50m Breaststroke final.

The Ellesmere College swimmer was less than two-tenths of a second behind Belarussian winner Alina Zmushka, lowering her personal best time to 31.63 seconds.

Evans also reached the A final in the 100m Breaststroke, taking fifth place in 1:09.26, smashing her PB in that event for the second time in as many races.

Richard Blackshaw, Swim England national talent officer, said: “The meet has allowed us to give the swimmers the opportunity to experience travelling abroad as a team and practicing their arena skills at an international meet, prior to the European Junior Championships and World Junior Championships.

“I have seen the team grow in stature and confidence over the last five days.

“I am 100 per cent confident that all athletes are more prepared for the next step, having been on Phase 3 of the Swim England Talent Pathway.”

All eyes on Aberdeen

Pia Murray was agonisingly close to winning medals in the 100m Backstroke and 200m Backstroke, finishing fourth in both events.

The Ellesmere College swimmer reached three A finals in total, setting a new PB to finish sixth in the 50m Backstroke.

Isabelle Goodwin reached a final in all six of her events.

The City of Leeds swimmer enjoyed five podium finishes in total, winning the B finals in the 200m Butterfly and 400m Medley.

Charlotte Rigg, James Hart, Michael Klimaszewski, Sophia Wilson and Thomas Watkin also won finals races.

Wilson progressed to the 200m Medley A final, finishing sixth.

The swimmers will now work towards earning a place on the Great Britain team for the 2020 European Junior Swimming Championships, which will be held in Aberdeen from 8-12 July.

Swim England results at FFN Golden Tour, Nice

Adam Metcalf
18th – 50m Freestyle (23.83)
19th – 50m Breaststroke (29.83)
46th – 200m Medley (2:16.41)
58th – 100m Butterfly (58.73)
62nd – 100m Freestyle (53.28)
71st – 50m Butterfly (26.82)

Alec White
32nd – 50m Freestyle (24.48)
32nd – 50m Backstroke (27.65)
54th – 100m Butterfly (58.45)
55th – 100m Backstroke (1:01.88)
65th – 100m Freestyle (53.45)
68th – 50m Butterfly (26.59)

Angharad Evans
3rd – A final, 50m Breaststroke (31.63)
5th – A final, 100m Breaststroke (1:09.26)
2nd – B final, 200m Breaststroke (2:33.40)

Caroline Lewitt
2nd – Junior final, 200m Medley (2:22.04)
3rd – Junior final, 200m Freestyle (2:06.40)
44th – 100m Freestyle (59.37)
46th – 100m Backstroke (1:08.39)

Charlotte Rigg
1st – B final, 200m Breaststroke (2:32.69)
4th – B final, 100m Breaststroke (1:11.09)
23rd – 50m Breaststroke (34.19)
53rd – 100m Freestyle (1:00.20)

Harry Noble
8th – B final, 100m Backstroke (58.06)
28th – 50m Backstroke (27.40)

Isabelle Goodwin
1st – B final, 200m Butterfly (2:14.82)
1st – B final, 400m Medley (4:52.58)
3rd – B final, 200m Medley (2:20.59)
1st – Junior final, 100m Butterfly (1:01.06)
2nd – Junior final, 200m Freestyle (2:05.24)
5th – Junior final, 100m Freestyle (58.42)

James Hart
1st – B final, 200m Butterfly (2:03.43)
69th – 50m Butterfly (26.66)
89th – 200m Freestyle (2:05.99)
102nd – 100m Freestyle (56.41)

Jemima Hall
8th – B final, 200m Freestyle (2:05.28)
29th – 50m Freestyle (27.41)
36th – 100m Backstroke (1:07.13)

Macy Lawrence
7th – B final, 50m Freestyle (26.76)
22nd – 100m Freestyle (58.04)
48th – 50m Butterfly (29.91)

Michael Klimaszewski
1st – Junior final, 200m Butterfly (2:05.61)
3rd – Junior final, 100m Butterfly (56.26)
6th – Junior final, 400m Freestyle (4:09.83)
8th – Junior final, 50m Butterfly (25.98)
57th – 200m Freestyle (1:57.92)
73rd – 100m Freestyle (53.81)

Pia Murray
4th – A final, 100m Backstroke (1:02.54)
4th – A final, 200m Backstroke (2:14.11)
6th – A final, 50m Backstroke (29.29)
7th – B final, 100m Butterfly (1:02.88)
28th – 50m Butterfly (28.93)

Pietro Forconi
8th – Junior final, 200m Freestyle (1:58.24)
47th – 200m Backstroke (2:16.25)
49th – 200m Medley (2:17.37)
58th – 200m Freestyle (1:58.03)
65th – 400m Freestyle (4:16.97)

Rachel Anderson
3rd – B final, 200m Backstroke (2:18.69)
18th – 200m Butterfly (2:19.46)
22nd – 100m Backstroke (1:05.56)
28th – 50m Freestyle (27.40)

Robbie Jones
5th – B final, 400m Medley (4:32.74)
19th – 200m Medley (2:09.80)
22nd – 200m Backstroke (2:08.65)
37th – 100m Backstroke (59.67)
55th – 100m Buttefrly (58.54)

Samuel Osborne
34th – 50m Freestyle (24.56)
43rd – 200m Freestyle (1:55.78)
43rd – 400m Freestyle (4:08.30)
57th – 100m Freestyle (53.04)

Sophia Wilson
6th – A final, 200m Medley (2:17.30)
1st – B final, 200m Backstroke (2:16.06)
19th – 100m Backstroke (1:05.47)
20th – 50m Backstroke (30.65)
25th – 100m Breaststroke (1:14.65)

Sophie Maguire
21st – 200m Backstroke (2:20.53)
22nd – 50m Backstroke (30.69)
24th – 100m Backstroke (1:05.82)
42nd – 50m Butterfly (29.65)

Thomas Watkin
1st – Junior final, 50m Freestyle (23.93)
4th – Junior final, 100m Freestyle (52.72)
5th – Junior final, 200m Freestyle (1:56.61)
58th – 400m Freestyle (4:14.17)
72nd – 50m Buttefly (26.89)

William Ellington
3rd – Junior final, 200m Breaststroke (2:22.50)
4th – Junior final, 100m Breaststroke (1:06.14)
41st – 50m Breaststroke (31:10)
68th – 400m Freestyle (4:20.48)