Training and competition when having your Period

Training when having your Period

  • Use drag shorts over your costume or shorts on pool side for land warm up. Have a conversation with other girls in the squad to help each other by all wearing shorts on poolside
  • Using a tampon is the best menstrual product for swimmers but if this isn’t possible there is special swim wear that can be purchased for girls having their periods or menstrual cups
  • Gentle exercise is often good for pain relief so gentle swimming is a good way to ease pain. The coach may be able to change the session to reduce the intensity of the exercise.
  • It may be useful for you to track and monitor the periods using an app or writing in a training diary
  • Girls should try to talk to the coach so they are aware of when they are having your period.
  • The coach should not penalise an athlete for having your period but should recognise it and manage it positively
  • They may be able to alter the training session to account for the period.
  • Your privacy and dignity should be maintained at all times by the coach and other team members


Managing your period during a competition

In all swim England events it is now acceptable to wear period bikini bottoms under a race suit. Here is a link to the new rules for Swim England events.

This is not accepted at British swimming events and FINA/ LEN events so in these cases the race suit should be worn alone without bikini bottoms. Below is the link to the rules about race swim wear

Here are some tips for race day

  • Use a robe to put on after the race to cover up
  • Use shorts on pool side to do exercises
  • Inform the Team manager and Coach