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Up and coming stars selected to join British Swimming's World Class Programme

British Swimming have selected 33 English athletes to join a ‘talented group’ as part of their 2022-23 World Class Performance Programme.

Following the success of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and an impressive World and European Championships over the summer, a strong list of 55 athletes has been named in total.

Swimmers across the World Class Programme are part of either Podium or Podium Potential tiers. They will receive programme opportunities and targeted support from British Swimming and UK Sport.

The cohort includes 10 new additions that includes five English swimmers who won medals at July’s European Junior Championships.

The new additions all come within the Podium Potential squad which includes City of Leeds swimmer Leah Schlosshan who won Women’s 200m Individual Medley gold in Bucharest as well as Reuben Rowbotham-Keating who also won a hatful of medals at last year’s Swim England National Winter Championships.

They join the group that includes Olympic gold medallists such as Adam Peaty, Freya Anderson and Anna Hopkin who are a part of the Podium squad.

Rising to the challenge

British Swimming Performance Director Chris Spice is looking forward to seeing the 2022-23 squad in action throughout the season.

He said: “The challenge for our swimmers right now is how to follow up a historic Olympic Games and a packed 2022 summer in which our teams showed mental strength and resilience – and we are excited to see how this group of athletes rises to that challenge in the coming months.

“Successes such as those we’ve seen in Tokyo, Budapest and Rome over the past 18 months is testament to the quality and commitment of our athletes in the arena, as well as the high standards set by our elite coaches and support staff in training.

“We know that the swimming calendar in 2023 is more straightforward than in the recent season, with the focus very much on how our swimmers can best prepare for the World Championships in Fukuoka and our key pathway competitions next year.

“The next Olympic Games are a year and a half away now, so progressing things in and out of the water towards Paris remains the ultimate goal and something we are excited to work on with this talented group of athletes.”

World Class Programme 2022


  • Freya Anderson, Bath Performance Centre (England)
  • Lewis Burras, Repton Swimming (England)
  • Kathleen Dawson, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • Tom Dean, Bath PC (England)
  • Luke Greenbank, Loughborough Performance Centre (England)
  • James Guy, Bath PC (England)
  • Medi Harris, Swim Wales High Performance Centre (Wales)
  • Lucy Hope, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • Anna Hopkin, Loughborough PC (England)
  • Daniel Jervis, Swim Wales High Performance Centre (Wales)
  • Joe Litchfield, Loughborough PC (England)
  • Adam Peaty, Loughborough PC (England)
  • Jacob Peters, Bath PC (England)
  • Ben Proud, Bath University (England)
  • Matt Richards, Millfield School (Wales)
  • Duncan Scott, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • Jacob Whittle, Loughborough PC (England)
  • James Wilby, Loughborough PC (England)
  • Brodie Williams, Bath PC (England)
  • Abbie Wood, Loughborough PC (England)

Podium Potential

  • Jonathon Adam, Bath PC (England)
  • Angus Allison, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • William Bell, Loughborough University (England)
  • Kieran Bird, Bath PC (Wales)
  • Kyle Booth, City of Cardiff (Wales)
  • Cameron Brooker, Bath PC (England)
  • Charlie Brown, Loughborough PC (England)
  • Freya Colbert, Loughborough PC (England)
  • Evelyn Davis, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • Evie Dilley, Millfield School (England)
  • Kaden Edwards, City of Cardiff (Wales)
  • Harvey Freeman, Loughborough University (England)
  • Lucy Grieve, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • Robbie Hemmings, Poole Swimming Club (England)
  • Charlie Hutchison, Loughborough PC (Scotland)
  • Evan Jones, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • Cameron Kurle, University of Stirling (England)
  • Keanna MacInnes, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • James McFadzen, Loughborough University (England)
  • Tyler Melbourne-Smith, City of Liverpool (Wales)
  • Edward Mildred, Bath PC (England)
  • Eva Okaro, Sevenoaks Swimming Club (England)
  • Alexander Painter, Millfield School (England)
  • Hector Pardoe, Loughborough University (Wales)
  • Sienna Robinson, City of Sheffield (England)
  • Reuben Rowbotham-Keating, City of Manchester Aquatics (England)
  • Emma Russell, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • Leah Schlosshan, City of Leeds (England)
  • Katie Shanahan, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • George Smith, University of Stirling (England)
  • Laura Stephens, Loughborough PC (England)
  • Matthew Ward, Mount Kelly Swimming (Scotland)
  • Elliot Woodburn, Millfield School (England)