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Abbie Wood named in podium squad on British Swimming’s World Class Programme

British Swimming has selected a total of 34 English athletes for its 2021-22 World Class Programme in what has been described as an ‘exciting time’.

Following the Olympic swimming success in Tokyo and with a home Commonwealth Games nearing, a 55-strong list has been named.

Loughborough swimmer Abbie Wood has been included in the podium squad after impressive performances at the European Championships and Olympic Games.

The 22-year-old won two golds and a silver in Budapest and narrowly missed out on an Olympic medal.

Among the new additions to the podium potential squad are medallists from July’s European Junior Championships, with young Sevenoaks Swimming Club athlete Eva Okaro earning a spot.

British Swimming National Performance Director, Chris Spice, said: “This is an exciting time for the programme after an incredible year, which culminated with our swimmers making history at the Olympic Games, claiming four golds and eight medals in total – testament to the outstanding work they and the staff across British Swimming and our Home Nation partners continue to put in.

“There was also a best-ever return from the Europeans in Budapest, and more promising signs from our younger athletes against some of the best in the world at the European Junior Championships.

“The 2021/22 season will feature a World Championships in Fukuoka, European Championships in Rome and a Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, and as ever, we will be looking to move things on again with our WCP athletes.

“For some of the younger ones, they will be on a longer-term journey toward Paris, and we look forward to working with them in that as they develop towards 2024 and beyond.

“But for every athlete on the programme, the next Olympic Games are now less than three years away, and the build towards that begins now.”

World Class Programme 2021-22


  • Freya Anderson, Bath NC (England)
  • Kathleen Dawson, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • Tom Dean, Bath NC (England)
  • Luke Greenbank, Loughborough NC (England)
  • James Guy, Bath NC (England)
  • Lucy Hope, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • Anna Hopkin, Loughborough NC (England)
  • Calum Jarvis, Bath NC (Wales)
  • Daniel Jervis, Swansea University (Wales)
  • Max Litchfield, Loughborough NC (England)
  • Adam Peaty, Loughborough NC (England)
  • Ben Proud, University of Bath (England)
  • Molly Renshaw, Loughborough NC (England)
  • Matt Richards, Bath NC (Wales)
  • Duncan Scott, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • James Wilby, Loughborough NC (England)
  • Abbie Wood, Loughborough NC (England)

Podium Potential

  • Jonathon Adam, Bath NC (England)
  • Angus Allison, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • Will Bell, Loughborough University (England)
  • Kieran Bird, Bath NC (Wales)
  • Kyle Booth, City of Cardiff Swimming Club (Wales)
  • Cameron Brooker, Wycombe District Swimming Club (England)
  • Charlie Brown, City of Sheffield Swim Squad (England)
  • Freya Colbert, Nova Centurion Swimming Club (England)
  • Evelyn Davis, Bromley Swimming Club (Scotland)
  • Alice Dearing, Loughborough University (England)
  • Harvey Freeman, Northampton Swimming Club (England)
  • Archie Goodburn, Loughborough NC (Scotland)
  • Lucy Grieve, South Ayrshire Swim Team (Scotland)
  • Medi Harris, Swansea University (Wales)
  • Charlie Hutchison, Loughborough NC (Scotland)
  • Evan Jones, Millfield School (Scotland)
  • Harriet Jones, City of Cardiff Swimming Club (Wales)
  • Cameron Kurle, University of Stirling (England)
  • Emily Large, Bath NC (England)
  • Joe Litchfield, Loughborough NC (England)
  • Keanna MacInnes, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • James McFadzen, Loughborough University (England)
  • Ed Mildred, Bath NC (England)
  • Eva Okaro, Sevenoaks Swimming Club (England)
  • Hector Pardoe, Montpellier (Wales)
  • Jacob Peters, Bath NC (England)
  • Sienna Robinson, City of Sheffield Swimming Club (England)
  • Toby Robinson, Loughborough NC (England)
  • Emma Russell, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • Katie Shanahan, City of Glasgow Swim Team (Scotland)
  • George Smith, Ellesmere College (England)
  • Laura Stephens, Plymouth Leander (England)
  • Kayla Van Der Merwe, Winchester City Penguins (England)
  • Tamryn Van Selm, Millfield School (England)
  • Sarah Vasey, Loughborough NC (England)
  • Jacob Whittle, Loughborough NC (England)
  • Cassie Wild, University of Stirling (Scotland)
  • Brodie Williams, Bath NC (England)